Inspiration 205: Bling or Bandanas

Different cultures value different elements of fashion. I get up each morning and choose what I think is an outfit that suits my style, the weather, and my daily to do items. But I usually do not wear anything as beautiful as these elements. 

They say the clothes make the man…but do they? I understand the importance of matching what you wear to the situation or environment, I get that. I also know that I have known VERY well dressed people who lacked integrity, honesty, and the ability to produce anything. They looked great and brought nothing to the table of any value. The REAL key is to let your clothes reflect you and the excellence you bring to the table. Don’t let them hide it, mask it, or try to fake people out…be yourself. 

Whether it is a suit, a dress, shorts or a uniform…what do you pull out of your closet to wear each day? How do you present yourself to the world? Dress is important as long as it is not the MOST important thing to you. Be true to yourself, inside and out…let the clothes you wear communicate the REAL you to the world. Be it bling or bandanas, let us see the real you!


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