Inspiration 333: A Basket of Cats

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is indeed a basket of cats.  We found these in Harajuku, Japan. The owner had them for sale and displayed as the crowds were walking up and down the street. They are real cats and sat perfectly still as everyone took pictures. It’s like a basket full of cuteness waiting to be discovered. 

What I found amazing was that no matter the nationality or age of the people who stopped to look, they all made the same sound…one big giant AAAWWWWW! Then they reached in to pet the cats, who responded accordingly. Some people picked them up while others admire them from afar. Most people took pictures, and some even asked about pricing. 

I thought this was a clever way to sell cats. Leverage the cute factor and appeal to people’s curiosity. What could you do to improve the way you “market” yourself, your services, your product? What could you leverage to appeal to people’s natural instincts? How could you use the cute factor to sell more? Think today about how you could use something different to appeal to your audience. It might not be a basket of cats, it could be even better.  

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Inspiration 332: Kanpai

Here we are shouting, “Kanpai” It’s the Japanese way of toasting. What I like about this shot is that alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the fun.  Everyone no matter how they choose to indulge gets to enjoy the cheer.

I am not someone who consumes alcohol – for lots of reasons – and I enjoy it when I am able to be myself with a group of friends. How about when you go out with friends? Does everyone feel safe in ordering what they really want to consume? Or do they succumb to peer pressure and order what everyone else is having? Are you free to be yourself or do you do what everyone else does?

I encourage you to be yourself in all settings, especially during the busy holidays. You will have many opportunities to be around others who are celebrating. Be yourself. Be true to who you are and how you want to enjoy those special moments. 

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Inspiration 331: The Kid in Us All

Every kid no matter the nationality seems to react the same way – they love ice cream. This little girl was enjoying strawberry in Hemiji, Japan. She was tottering around our seats and was a little shy when I said, “Kenichiwa”. Her Grandmother spoke to her in Japanese…then she smiled and showed me her ice cream cone. I think it was our western faces and our size that put her off…but grandma’s words made us seem less scary. 

Haven’t we all felt that way at times? Someone new and different crosses our path and fear kicks right in. We take one look at their strange face or different features, and we begin making judgements. We think of all the warnings our parents told us as children – for good reason of course – and let caution guide our steps. Even into adulthood the tapes about being careful, being cautious, don’t trust people…stay away from stranger danger…they all play in our heads. I get that.

Yet in this instance ice cream was the great unifier! Thank God for the person who invented putting it in cones so we could eat it with our hands. There is something more universal than fear…and it is ice cream. This little girl enjoying a yummy pink strawberry cone made me want some; my husband was gracious enough to stand in line and get me a cone of my own! So she and I ate our ice cream, each savoring the flavor and fun…separated only by language. Ice cream, it brings out the kid in us all…

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