Inspiration: Don’t Let That Happen

Our local Feed store has new chicks in for the season. I thought they looked soft and cute. In our community lots of people have chickens to enjoy fresh eggs. These little chickies will grow up and become proficient egg dispensers all over our town. When they are born everyone around them knows their purpose. I wonder if they know why they are here?

What about you? Do you know why you are here? Do you know your gifts and how you want to share them with the world? That’s one of those lifelong questions we all ask ourselves eventually. The answer may change as we progress through the years. Our answer may be impacted by our travels, our sorrows, our triumphs and our disasters. It can change due to circumstances beyond our control or of our own making. It can change as we move from one timeline or milestone and head towards another. So many things can change what we think we should be doing with our lives. 

What doesn’t change are our gifts. Now don’t get me wrong…we can develop new talents, skills, abilities…yet what we are born with remains. We get to choose to improve enhance or ignore our natural abilities, and then decide what we want to do with it all. Some people take the time to be self aware and understand themselves and their abilities…others choose to walk blindly into the future with no inner knowledge. And there are still others we choose to be victims of circumstance and let the gifts within them become dormant or even die. Knowing who you are and what you can do is not an easy task. It takes time and effort, triumph and failures. Knowing yourself takes a lifetime, and even then many people die with the music still inside them wishing to be set free. 

Take time today to reflect on the things you do well and the things you want to develop. No one can stop you from progressing, they can only block the current path. You have the inner ability and strength to do and be anything you want. The key point is to choose. These little chicks have no choice in life other than being an egg laying machine or dinner. You have all the time in the world to choose what you want to do with your natural talents. The worst moment on earth must be when you realize your time is up and you have not exercised your gifts. Don’t let that happen to you.

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Inspiration: Step Away from the Vanilla

This is a panoramic view of our new gallery space at Westside Market in Atlanta, Georgia ( My husband and I spent the day arranging the space, hanging the Art, fixing the lighting. For us it is fun work, and a risk. By moving into this new space we are expanding, which is a risk. It’s exciting and makes my head swirl with possibilities…and there is a small sense of dread. Overall we are very enthusiastic and blessed to have this opportunity. 

When you take a risk it means you move towards something for which you are not 100% certain. It means you have hope that it will turn out well, but there are no guarantees. It means you are willing to put your actions behind your words and push forward. Taking a risk means you are willing to do the work to make things happen. Above all else, risk means you are willing to face failure straight in the eye and stare it down…sometimes with a big gulp!

Taking a risk means you might fail. And if you risk often enough, you will eventually fail. I am amazed at how many people think failure is such an awful word. It’s negative, or bad, or fatal. Failing only means that you tried, and it didn’t work…simply that, nothing more. Being able to risk means you are willing to deal with the consequences of failing. 

I know many people who live very safe lives. They face each day with a steady, safe plan and risk very little. They expend their energy being politically correct or doing the right thing when it comes to office politics. They are so very concerned about what people think and about NOT failing that they are barely able to make a decision on their own. The fear of doing wrong or being wrong or being perceived as wrong nearly stops them in their tracks. It’s like living your life only serving vanilla ice cream because it is the easiest choice that will please all the people. 

Me, I’m a cookies and cream kinda gal…or raspberry sorbet, or better yet grape sorbet which is almost impossible to find. During the holidays I like peppermint ice cream, the kind with little candy pieces mixed inside. I only eat vanilla when it is the only thing on the menu…otherwise, I choose something else. What about you? Are you willing to risk it all and face failure? Is there something that you are grappling with to move you forward, but fear keeps you in the same place? Are you spending your time watching tv instead of creating ideas that could end up on tv? What is the worst thing that could happen? You fail, then what? You get up, and you might fail again…ok, so you try again and keep going until it works. 

If no one ever risks, then how does the world change? If no one risks, then where do the new inventions and technologies come from? If you never risk, when will your life change? Step away from serving vanilla and move towards the thing that totally makes you YOU! Have the courage to hang your idea out there and see what happens…step away from the vanilla!

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Inspiration: Appreciate the Gift

One of our cats left this gift for us on our driveway…a dead mouse. We live in a rural area and we have three indoor/outdoor cats. We are never surprised when we find dead critters. In fact, that is what we want. By hunting these little buggers our kitties are basically earning their keep and ensuring that our house is mouse free. I’m okay with that arrangement, in our world it confirms the circle of life. 

All that being said, neither my husband nor I want to be the one to clean up the lovely gift…this is when rock, paper, scissors comes in handy….I lost. This gift ended up in the woods in front of our house. I’m sure some animal will enjoy the snack. And maybe it will serve as a warning to other rodents to stay away from our house, or risk a quick trip to mouse heaven. 

If you are like me, you have received all sorts of gifts in your life. Gifts you were excited to receive, gifts you were surprised to open, and then there are those that leave you speechless. The ones you open and have no idea why someone would even think you would want this item. It’s those gift moments where you lose your ability to process words or thoughts. “What do I say?” “How do I react without leaving the person disappointed?” “What do I do with this thing?” Or the ever dreaded, “I’m not sure I even know what this is…gulp!” We’ve all had these moments, and sadly may also have been the creator of these awkward gift moments for someone else. The best words that can come to mind are simple, just say Thank You. 

It is important to realize that the gift may be for you, however it may not be about you. For some people gift giving is their way of saying ‘I love you’. It is their way of saying ‘ Thank You’ and showing appreciation. It may be their way of sharing their excitement over something they made, and they wanted to give it to you. It is their way of letting you know that you are important to them and they want to express it through a gift. That may mean you end up with a dead mouse every so often on your driveway. It may be gross and a little creepy, yet you need to appreciate the gift. The giver went out of their way to bring you something that made them think of you…which again, may be a dead rodent. So as you pass through your month, be gracious and understand that receiving means you have to let someone else give…simply appreciate the gift and say Thank You.

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