Inspiration 184: A Job Well Done

I spent last weekend refinishing patio furniture – fifteen pieces. I spray painted it all in our garage. It turned out great, but I made a huge mess. I covered the center portion of the floor with a drop cloth…this is a picture of what it looked like before I cleaned up. I liked the shades and textures that were created as I painted layer upon layer of paint, working diligently to get even coverage across all the different surfaces. 

I enjoy taking the old and making it new again. I get a real sense of satisfaction in a job well done. I like it when I see how much my family enjoys the end result of my hours of work. The sweat, the frustration, the mess all seem worth it. This job took me several days to get it done right. Then it took me three hours to clean up the mess I had made in the garage. Whew, what a weekend!

I think in our fast paced world we have somehow lost sight of the value of hard work. It seems that we value beauty, but forget that before beauty comes hard work, elbow grease, and a large does of persistence. Whether it is exercising to stay healthy, refinishing furniture, or crawling on hands and knees to clean a home…it all takes time and work. Today I encourage you to embrace the toil and labor you need to endure to get to the beauty. It might seem frustrating and neverending while you are in the midst of the job, but focus instead on the satisfaction of a job well done!

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Inspiration 183: The Electric Pink Poodle

This is a seasonal decoration one of my friends received as a gift. It will sit on her porch this Christmas to help usher in the holidays. It’s pink, it’s a poodle, and it lights up. Her sister saw it and knew she had to have it…when I saw it, I had to agreed. I know her so well, I knew it was perfect for her. 

What do people see that remind them of you? What about you is so distinctive that your friends and family KNOW something was meant for you when they see it? I ask that question because each of us is unique in what we like, what speaks to us, and how we express our individuality. But do people REALLY know us that well? Do we allow them into our world, and if yes, to what level? They might know our favorite color, but do they know why it is our favorite color? They might know what is our favorite food, but do they know how that food makes you feel when you eat it?

Knowing about someone is different that truly knowing someone. I think of all my friends – I know ABOUT most of them and truly know only a hand full. Today I encourage you to allow the people who care about you to truly know you..let the electric, pink poodle in you shine!

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Inspiration 182: Stop, Look & Admire

This is a close up of a white sea urchin. I was intrigued by the pattern and the delicate nature of this creature. This one was on a display case in a furniture store. Can you see how exact and precise the pattern is? Row after row of black blocks in perfect sequence, the perfect distance from each other.  The pattern is perfectly formed so that all rows meet together in the middle. That’s amazing…all that precision on a sea urchin. 

I do not know the reason behind the pattern, nor the way it actually helps the creature while it is alive. I just know that I am amazed at the delicate and intricate details on this gift of nature. So small, so simple, so easily overlooked while I was shopping for furniture. 

What pattern is there in your world that you see – or you think you see – that you really overlook and take for granted? What miracle of nature do you need to stop and admire while accomplishing your daily tasks? What have you put on a shelf that you pass everyday, and now see it no more? Stop, look, and admire…remember the  story that item represents and enjoy it again. Take time to enjoy the things on your shelves, not just dust them…

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