Inspiration: Alone Time

We have people around us all the time – at work, at home, out amongst the world. People are everywhere, and that is a good thing. Tonight I am alone. The people in my life are either at their house or out of town. So I have my home all to myself. Alone time is nice. It is a chance to listen to the sounds of my home, the solitude of the quiet, the thoughts inside my head that get drowned out by busyness. It is time to slow down or speed up, whichever is preferred. 

Some people have a hard time with silence. They can’t handle it. They turn on the tv or radio or have their head buried in an electronic device to avoid dealing with silence. Silence forces us to face things that noise allows us to ignore. Silence brings reality to a halt and allows peace to infiltrate our soul. Silence is a blessing and a curse…it all depends upon what thought is swirling around your head. 

I enjoy the opportunity to have silence. It clams me down and allows me to think clearly. Being alone and in silence is the perfect chance to ponder next steps and to do items. Alone time also means you can stay up past your bedtime with no explanation required…if you want. Or go to bed early…if you want. Alone means you get to choose everything and anything. Alone time means you are alone with you and can do anything you want…so choose wisely!

Inspiration: Don’t Leave Me!

As my husband was packing for his business trip, our cat Buschi made his protest by placing himself in this position. He sat there until my husband recognized his actions and acknowledged the protest. It didn’t work, my hubby went out of town anyway. Ya do what ya gotta do. When I was packing our other cat Artie jumped into my bag with a more physical manifestation of his unhappiness… 

It was almost as if we could sense their possessiveness…stay here, feed me, pet me for I am the center of the universe. Don’t leave me! How dare you leave me…do you know who I am? 

It’s nice to be loved and adored, even if it is by cats that ignore us most of the time when we are home. What is most endearing is that we interpret their actions as we would our own…when in reality they may just like sitting in our luggage! But who wants to think that? Them not wanting us to leave is a much warmer thought. 

Isn’t that true about most things? We ascribe to others what we think they mean by their actions, instead of just asking them? We choose the better message or sometimes the sinister one, as that is easier than the akward conversation where we actually have to listen to their view and find out WE are not the center of their universe. Much more fun and dramatic to interpret than know…or is it? True communicaiton is a two way conversation – a dialogue not a monologue. And yet too many times we interpret instead of conversing. We don’t like awkward, so we interpret. 

Awkward isn’t easy. Awkward is just that, awkward. Uncomfortable, stilted, hard, maybe even hurtful…yet awkward is what moves relationships forward. If you can’t talk about the uncomfortable, how do things change? If you don’t care for things to change than how important is the relationship? If YOU don’t want to change, then you being right must be more important than the relationship, right? Or is that too akward for me to mention? 

We think our cats don’t want us to leave, when in reality they simply like sitting in our luggage. I like to think they miss us, and it seems they do. But they are cats, so who really knows. It would be nice if I could ask them. Drum up the courage today to ask people what their actions mean instead of simply interpreting them. The awkward conversation will be worth the effort in the long run. 

Inspiration: If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Complain

I stood in line today to vote. It took about twenty minutes. We are two weeks away from ‘official’ election day, and yet there was a line at the polling place all day starting at 8:00. Everyone was enthusiastic about voting…exercising our rights. Most people are not completely in favor of either candidate – ‘best of a bad lot’ – was the general grumble from the people in line. And yet we all stood there to cast our vote. 

Democracy is a curious beast. It gives us the freedom to choose, to exercise our rights and our voice. We might not like everything about the process, yet we have to support the process. There are countries with terrible dictators, terrorists running things, even places where women are still unable to drive cars, let alone vote. So we all stood in line to not only vote but to stand up for freedom. Voters give silent thanks for all the women and men who fought before us to ensure our ability to stand in line. There were no guns, no fear, no bombs, no one forcing us to vote a certain way, no hassle…nothing but free people spending their time supporting the system. 

I am not going to tell you how to vote, I am only going to tell you to vote. And if you don’t vote, then don’t complain about the outcome of our country. If you choose to sit on the sidelines and stay silent, then get used to the quiet. No one wants to hear you moan and complain if you aren’t willing to get off your fanny and practice democracy. 

Get out and vote – exercise yoru rights and wave the flag proudly. If you don’t vote, don’t complain…we are not listening.