Inspiration 59: Help with Change


My husband was paying our lunch bill and needed help figuring out the correct change. With open hands help came…no words were exchanged, no fear entered in, and no one worried about being ripped off…together they figured it out.

Open your hands today and ask for help from someone who knows more than you do…you might be amazed at how much better life could be!

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Inspiration 58: Black and White


Add coffee, add soup, add paint…these little babies can help you make your world better. They serve as a vessel for whatever you need them to carry, contain, or dispense.

How can you be a vessel for good today? How can you serve someone in a simple way to make their world better? Sometimes helping isn’t always black and white – have courage to enter into the land of grey when you are needed.

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Inspirations 57: Fresh Fish


Can you smell these beauties? Fresh, tasty, and nutritious…yet they started their day out swimming in the sea. Someone caught them, transported them to the fish market, and is now earning their living by selling them to restaurants.

Take a moment to think about something that makes your life better and where it came from…then give thanks for those hard working people who made it possible. Honest work for an honest day’s wage, don’t we all deserve that opportunity?

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