There was a beautiful sky when I was walking out of a store last week. The moon and star sat near each other, as if they were waiting for me to acknowledge their presence. I stood still and enjoyed looking up and seeing their splendor. Several other people were doing teh same thing, just standing and staring at the beautiful colors and sky. 

Sometimes the special moments in life are not orchestrated, scheduled or planned…they are the ones that surprise us. They come out of nowhere and remind us that we are not in control in this world. No matter how busy you are today stop and let the unexpected moments in life take your breath away. 

Inspiration: Get Started Now

Time after time after time we travel swiftly down the same road. We go the same way to work, to church, to the grocery store, even use the same back streets to get home from work to avoid traffic. We drive mindlessly to our destination, sometimes so deep in thought that we can’t even remember driving. We follow the traffic laws and arrive safely. We wear our seat belts and do not text while we are driving. We get where we want to go, when we want to go there, how we want to get there…and arrive alive. 

Life is full of decisions. Go left, go right, go straight ahead? We are in life where we have chosen to be. We might not want to admit that or embrace it. It’s easier to be a victim and blame things on other people, circumstances, or situations outside of our control. When we are honest with ourselves we know deep down that we are responsible for the consequences of the choices we have made. We might ot always like the outcomes, yet we need to own the decisions. 

In the new year where do you want to go? What do you want? Why not get started now instead of waiting for the new year? There is nothing magical about January 1st. There is nothing preventing you from starting a new path today. We make new year’s resolutions, yet what we really want is change and we call it a ‘new year’ resolution. Get the courage and get started now…your life, your dreams, your health and finances are worth it. 

Inspiration: Time Flies…So Make It Matter

It’s that time of year when everything seems to move faster, quicker, and the holidays will be upon us before we know it. They say that as you get older time moves more quickly…I totally get that now that I am older. When I was a kid I remember when it took forever for Christmas to arrive. When it seemed as if Santa was never going to get here. When the two week Christmas holiday seemed like six months and the new year was just a number I had to learn to right on my homework. 

Now time flies. I wake up on Monday and before I know it I am talking to people about the weekend on Thursday afternoon…and time flies. And as time draws near for the year to end, I have to think hard to remember the amazing events of the year…knowing that time flies and more amazing things will be happening in the new year. And as time flies we need to protect it, savor it, enjoy it. 

This is not a post about time management or learning how to cram more into the twenty-four hours we are each allotted. This is a reminder to make the time you have matter. This is about knowing that where you spend your time is WHERE you want to spend your time. Once you spend it, you can’t get it back. So you had better make sure that once it is spent you feel good about it. Sometimes saying no is the best answer. It is not the easy answer, or the one that makes people happy, and yet it may be the best use of your time to say no. It can be hard to get that word out of your mouth, so you may need to practice. If you do not put boundaries around your time and how people use it then you will see it fly away quickly. 

Everyone has great ideas of the things we should do, could do, need to do. The question you may want to ask is do those things match with what you want to do with your time? Once spent you will never get it back. Time flies so make it matter. Give yourself credit at the end of the day for investing your time in the things that matter to you – service, family, growing your business, enhancing your work, building up the next generation. Whatever is important to you, be sure to spend your time doing just that. Remember Christmas will come and go for years to come…so use these precious days as an investment in life and be proud of when you said yes and when you said no.