Not Their Target Audience

I stayed in a hotel in Munich, Germany called Moxy. When I arrived the hotel lobby looked like a scene from the movie animal house. People were partying pretty hard, the music was so loud the staff had to shout to talk to you, and there was a couple making out on the sofa. To check in, you stood at the bar. When they messed up my reservation, they were shocked that I did not want a drink from the bar as compensation. 

This is the only art work that was in my sparce hotel room. It also served as the place to hang your clothes. Once I got inside my room and saw this ‘artwork’ it was pretty clear that I was not their target audience. I booked the room through our corporate travel agency, with no clue what I would find. I slept with the televsion pretty loud to drown out the party noises along the hallway. I felt like the one kid in college who actually wanted to study while everyone else was having fun. I was too old for this hotel, too much of a tired traveler, and too far from home to make a change. 

As I tried to relax in bed and absorb this art, I was ok with not being the target audience. I like my life, who I am, what I do. If I am the kid who really wants to study while everyone else parties, so be it. At my age and place in life I know what I want and what I don’t. I think that is a good thing. Not everyone gets it, and I don’t always understnad what they want. So we have different demographics, different needs, wants, things that are important to us. I wanted to sleep, the other guests wanted a wild party. I got some sleep, and they got to party. Needless to say I will not be staying in that hotel brand again. 

The real funny part was the next morning. At five o’clock we all had to take the shuttle back to the airport. I may not have been bright and sunny at that hour, but I wasn’t hung over and a sorry shade of green. The party from the previous evening may have been fun, but it looked on their faces like it was a painful memory.

It’s good to know what you want and what you don’t. It’s good to know who you are and what is important to you. It is also good to know when you have grown up and want something more than you did in your earlier years. Maybe what I really learned is that I have moxy, I just don’t want to stay at another Moxy hotel…

When to Go and When to Wait

After the storm there are always rough roads. Travel can be dicey and treacherous, sometimes slow and quite taxing. You know you have to get to your goal or destination, and yet getting there will be most of the challenge. You have the skills and tools, yet your path is covered with mess. 

Right now this road looks like it is pretty clear as the sun has melted the snow. Time is to your advantage in that the snow is melting. But you know the day will soon be over and the sun will go down. The wet puddles will re-freeze and treachery will return. If you travel when the sun is out, you’re ok…if you wait until too late to get on the road, ice will be your only companion. Timing is everything and patience is a vuirtue. 

Timing and patience are important elements in life as well. You may feel prepared and ready for the next step, eventhough you have no idea how you will get there. Being prepared is the first step, traveling no matter the road conditions is the real test. Being able to navigate the path by reading the environment and elements can be what gets you to the next step. I have seen too many people push it too early only to end up in a ditch because they were impatient or over confident. They thought they were prepared and the road conditions wouldn’t effect them…only to end up frustrated, broken down or worse yet stranded by failure. This unexpected early failure can leave some wounded and hesitant to try again. Being overconfident too early ended up hurting instead of getting them ahead. 

The other side of that is being patient and allowing time to work in your favor. It sounds easy, and yet being patient can be the hardest attribute to practice. You know what you want, you know where it is, you think you know how to get it…so you act. Only to have jumped the gun and ended up in trouble. Only to encounter elements you are not prepared to deal with, so you end up farther behind than if you had just given yourself a little more time. 

As your week progresses remember to let time be your assistant on the journey instead of your foe. You may be prepared and ready to go, don’t rush it. Don’t let overconfidence lead you out of the gate too soon…patience is a virtue. Like a fine wine, expertise takes time to develop. Learn to know when to go and when to wait. The goal is to get there alive, healthy, and ready to get started.

Inspiration: Don’t Leave Me!

As my husband was packing for his business trip, our cat Buschi made his protest by placing himself in this position. He sat there until my husband recognized his actions and acknowledged the protest. It didn’t work, my hubby went out of town anyway. Ya do what ya gotta do. When I was packing our other cat Artie jumped into my bag with a more physical manifestation of his unhappiness… 

It was almost as if we could sense their possessiveness…stay here, feed me, pet me for I am the center of the universe. Don’t leave me! How dare you leave me…do you know who I am? 

It’s nice to be loved and adored, even if it is by cats that ignore us most of the time when we are home. What is most endearing is that we interpret their actions as we would our own…when in reality they may just like sitting in our luggage! But who wants to think that? Them not wanting us to leave is a much warmer thought. 

Isn’t that true about most things? We ascribe to others what we think they mean by their actions, instead of just asking them? We choose the better message or sometimes the sinister one, as that is easier than the akward conversation where we actually have to listen to their view and find out WE are not the center of their universe. Much more fun and dramatic to interpret than know…or is it? True communicaiton is a two way conversation – a dialogue not a monologue. And yet too many times we interpret instead of conversing. We don’t like awkward, so we interpret. 

Awkward isn’t easy. Awkward is just that, awkward. Uncomfortable, stilted, hard, maybe even hurtful…yet awkward is what moves relationships forward. If you can’t talk about the uncomfortable, how do things change? If you don’t care for things to change than how important is the relationship? If YOU don’t want to change, then you being right must be more important than the relationship, right? Or is that too akward for me to mention? 

We think our cats don’t want us to leave, when in reality they simply like sitting in our luggage. I like to think they miss us, and it seems they do. But they are cats, so who really knows. It would be nice if I could ask them. Drum up the courage today to ask people what their actions mean instead of simply interpreting them. The awkward conversation will be worth the effort in the long run.