Bad Air Out…

Sometimes you see a scene that brings peace to your soul. This view made me take a deep breath and exhale slowly…bad air out, good air in. It helped me think about peace and quiet and being content. 

We work hard for what we have, what we want, what we want to provide for others. That hard work can put us into a routine that can be hard to break out of day after day, week after month, after year. Before we know it the years have passed and we are still working hard and wondering what it was all about. We have what we want and the people we love are provided for, so why are we still toiling so fervently? How much stuff can we buy? How many vacations can we take? How many toys can we play with? Yet we work and work and work all too often forgetting why. 

This view reminded me of what is important and how much peace and quiet lead to my contentment. I saw this photo in a magazine and I think I could actually hear the wind playing amongst the flowers. I had instant release and knew why I do what I do. Are you striving or are you content? Can you see yourself walking amongst the flowers and dabbling your hand between the  blooms? What brings you back to your why? Take a deep breathe and let the peace and quiet of this scene fill your mind, your heart, and your soul…bad air out, good air in. 

Let the Day Go…

It has been a long day. Lots of things got done, lots of work was accomplished, lots of life was lived. The sun is reminding me that it is time to slow down and begin to prepare for rest. The shadows on my path remind me that I have done what I can do, now stop doing and just be. 

In this go, go, go world it can be hard to wind down. It can be even more difficult to turn off. It can seem impossible to separate ourselves from our to do items. As I walked this road and noticed the setting sun, I was reminded that everything stops eventually. The sun goes to sleep and passes the task to the moon. When the moon is done, it gives the day back to the sun. The leaves stop falling and hand the land over to the flowers for them to bloom. And when the flowers are done, they let the leaves take over and cover everything getting ready for Winter.  The birds of winter fly home and leave the land to the birds of Summer. Eventually the Summer birds fly away and leave the land to the Winter breeds. It is the cycle of life. 

So what makes us think that we know better, can do better, or need to be able to do it all? How arrogant of us to think we know better. Maybe we need to respect and bow to the cycle of life, and let ourselves rest and refresh in order to face another day. That means turn off and let go. If we wake up tomorrow, the earth will still be revolving around the sun. The hours of the day will still be twenty-four, and the flowers will still be working to bloom. I say if we wake up, as none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. That idea may be a source of panic, when it is meant to be a source of relief. The world will turn whether we are here or not. Everything has a time and a purpose, so let go of the panic and embrace the relief. 

If you do not do it, someone else will. And if it doesn’t get done, did it really matter in the first place? Or can it get doen another day? Life is too short to stress over to do items…and I and listening to that message myself, as well as sharing it with you. When the day comes to an end, let it end. Release the day to the night and let yourself rest and renew for another day is coming, if we are lucky. 

Inspiration: Take a Deep Breath

If you are like me, you are back in the swing of life at full speed…and it’s only January 12th. Email, meetings, phone calls, deadlines, bills, to do items, unfinished business…all of it has arrived in full on my door step. The quiet and laziness of my holiday season is long gone. 

Now here is when we get to make an important choice. We can let the world run all over us and wear us down until we feel overwhelmed before we even get out of bed. OR we can take a deep breath, think calm thoughts and put it all into perspective. It will all get done. And if something isn’t perfect, will the world stop revolving around the Sun…very doubtful. It is a choice to surrender to the panic of our day to day lives…let’s face it, most people do. We live out lives of quiet desperation, just hoping to get enough sleep to make it through the day. 

OR you can choose a different path, a calm path…a path where this tranquil scene is your focus and not just a dream. A path where the warmth of the sun brightens your soul and nourishes the peace within. Sometimes to get back to this beautiful place, all we need to do it take a deep breath. So if your 12th of January is beginning to feel more like panic than a wonderful new year, let me encourage you to take a deep breath…and let it out VERY slowly. In fact take two deep breaths…and let them out very slowly.