Pow! It’s How You Handle It

We all make mistakes. It’s how we learn, grow, and define the limits of our abilities. No one is perfect and no one has all of the answers all of the time. As we are human, mistakes are inevitable. It is not the mistakes in our life that define us, it is how we react to them that exemplifies our character.

I recently made a mistake. Not a big one or a tragic one, but a mistake none the less. First I had to admit I made the mistake. Then let the people involved know I made the mistake, and finally take action to remove the confusion. There are times when I have hesitated to acknowledge my mistakes due to pride, self preservation, or fear. The longer I let the mistake linger, the harder it was to admit. Like a bandaid mistakes are best handled quickly and swiftly. Rip it off in one quick move and deal with the pain in one shot. Once you can admit what you did wrong, the lessons begin. Why did I do that? How did it go so badly? What can I learn from this mistake? How can I make sure it doesn’t happen again? How do I repair the damage and facilitate the healing process? 

The inability to admit mistakes or learn from them is a fatal flaw. It builds up like a wall between you and the people around you. The mistakes are the foundation of the wall and the mortar between those bricks is made up of the lies we tell ourselves to accomodate our mistakes. An inability to change solidifies the wall over the years. Promising to change or not do it again only makes all involved feel worse when you continue making the same mistake over and over again. 

POW! Like a hit over the head our mistakes can catch us unaware and unprepared. Quick decisions or impulsive moves can land flat and shatter parts of our lives if we are not careful. Or we can grow from what we learn and work to makes sure it does not happen again. It takes courage and character to admit and remedy a mistake. Great people, great leaders are prompt to admit an error and start the healing process. The people who are part of the mistake and the healing grow and are blessed by the quick recognition and response to the error. Everyone learns through observation and execution. 

What mistake do you need to remedy? POW! Do it quickly and honestly, and let the learning and healing begin 

Peace and quiet has an amazing way of settling the world. These clouds reminded me that no matter how hard we work, how much we strive, how much we plan or want to control things…we are not in charge. There is more out there than we can ever see, or do, or imagine. And the prospect of all that is what makes life exciting. 

Clouds make us think big, think calm, think peace and remember that we are but a speck on the surface of our vast planet. Just when you think you are amazing, remember that the clouds have a view of it all. And that ‘all’ includes everything on earth. 

Today I wish for you to understand how small you are, so you have perspective and the ability to value what is truly important. Let go of trying to control the world, and focus on making your world a better place. 

No Matter How Hard the Climb

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, there will always be a variety of things that will happen to you along the way. There will be steps to climb and paths to follow. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows.  There will be clear directions and unchartered territory to cover. All of which you hope will lead you to your desired destination. 

I saw these steps covered in moss and age, worn down by the years of travelers and traffic. And I thought about all the people who have gone before me wearing the safe places to step and guiding my way. Someone had to go first. Someone had to tackle the climb without any guidance or clues. Someone had to have the courage to move towards the goal, not always knowing if they were on the right path or where the path would lead. They took each step forward blazing the trail for those of us who would follow, days, months, or years later. 

Today you may be the one blazing the trail, or you may be following along well worn steps. Either way I hope you keep moving forward with passion and enthusiasm. Those who follow you or the ones you are following deserve your best effort, no matter how hard the climb may seem.