Choose Wisely

This question reminded me that life is all about choices. Whether it is choosing between the lift or the stairs, a steak or a salad, life is all about choices. We are in life where we have chosen to be, even if we are not always content with the consequences of our choices. Each day we make choice after choice that impacts our life and the lives of others, sometimes unaware of how what we decide changes things for those around us. 

Just like the choice this question proposes, sometimes the choice seems simple. Stairs or elevator? Might not change the world, yet over time it could change your world. Over a long period of time when you choose healthy over sedentary, life changes, your energy level changes, your long term outlook seems less overwhelming. You have the energy to tackle your ideas, your prospects, your dreams. All that from choosing to take the stiars versus riding the elevator. Life is about small steps, leading to small victories, which lead to big futures. Today’s simple choice leads to the tomorrow you imagine. 

One choice leads to where you want and another leads to the alternative. In life we also make bad choices, poor decisions, and then must learn to live with the result. We regret the way we chose when facing a cross road. We regret not choosing more wisely. If we had known how it would turn out, we would have chosen differently. And yet the choice we made led us to our current place in life. The lessons we learned from the poor choice taught us valuable lessons we would not know had we chosen another path. So was it really a poor choice, or one that led us to a path of growth and knowledge? Some of life’s greatest lessons are only learned through failure and strife. 

Take the stairs or take the elevator, simple choice right? Or is it? Everyday we make choices and must live with the consequences and outcomes of those choices. You can do anything you want in life, anything. So today choose wisely. 

It is true, women usually go to the restroom in pairs. This is the secret place where we share private conversations about the day, our dinner companion, emotions, or what is really happening in the meeting. We take the time to chat quickly, honestly express ourselves and check in on what our comrades in the ladies room think. You would be amazed at what women will share in the restroom, and what complete strangers will chime in on while washing their hands. It is almost as if this is our secret conversation space, when we can comment without reprise or reprimand or fear of being misunderstood. Like the moment we pass through the door we enter a sacred vestibule of womanhood. 

I have watched complete strangers share beauty tips, hair care secrets, and emotional outbursts. I have heard amazing conversations and commentaries discussed between the stall doors. I have watched women try on each other’s shoes, open their bags and share Tylenol, take away a dirty diaper and hand Mom and fresh one, and Kleenex given with a smile and a kind nod. Rain or shine, line or none, women will share amazing ideas, stories, events and life challenges within these walls. I once saw a women walk out of the restroom, to only be pulled back into the space by a complete stranger…her skirt was tucked into her pantyhose and the other woman was rescuing her from embarrassment. Laughter ensued and everyone shared their nightmare pantyhose encounter, then they all left and went back to their own lives, never to cross paths again. 

So why are we able to say things in this space that we won’t in other places? What is it about these hallowed stalls that gives women permission to squeal? Does this room remind us that we are all basically equal which allows us to stop competing with each other? After ‘paying the water bill’ we somehow know that every other woman in the place understands our hearts, our minds, our challenges and our hopes. Whether she is primping, washing her hands, changing a diaper or brushing her teeth, we all get it. Being a woman can be tough and rewarding all at the same time.

Next time you enter a public restroom pay attention to the dynamics between patrons. I cannot tell you if men have the same rules of engagement, though my husband seems to imply there is urinal etiquette. Keep your eyes open for the person who needs a kind word or rescue from a fashion fiasco. You may be the person who helps them see the reality of life and leave this space with their head held high. Or you may stop them from leaving with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe. Either way respect the space and your gender and support your fellow patrons any way you can. 

My 1,000 Post

Today marks my one thousandth post in this blog. I am shocked and amazed that it has arrived this quickly. I started this blog for our gallery in 2010, and posted sporadically. When I had a thought I posted. It wasn’t regular nor profound, simply something to do when the thought struck me. A couple years ago I decided I wanted to blog more, have more of an online presence, and maybe find out what I had to say. I had no idea if anyone would listen, or read, or even comment. So I began writing a post everyday. Some days I knew exactly what I would say and other days came up empty.  The strange part is that my most read posts aren’t always my favorites or the ones I think people will read. Goes to show you that you never know what will strike a cord with people and what will make them think. 

There are months where I have written ahead in order to not miss a day. When I travel I try to make sure I am ahead in case technology does not work where I am going…technology is not always my friend. There are pictures I took years ago that just now end up in a post. There are funny things I see that I know will end up in a post tomorrow. I am always on the look out for the unusual, the funny, the inventive, and the things that make me think. I hope as my readers you enjoy that about my blog and will continue to keep reading. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I read every comment and appreciate every word you share. Thank you for reading, for ‘liking’ for sharing and tweeting out my thoughts and ideas. I am an old dog who had to learn this new trick called blogging. I wasn’t sure if I had anything to say, yet I found out that I did and people are reading. I was at a business lunch the other day and someone commented on my blog, told me they read it every day and appreciated my positivity (their word). I had no idea they read it and we talked for a bit about blogging. 

I have learned that we all have a voice if we choose to exercise it. We all have something to say that people need to hear, especially if it makes them think about how to be a better version of themselves. So I will keep posting, please keep reading, enjoying the thinking.