You Just Might Inspire You

I am spending the week at a conference, learning new skills and meeting lots of new people. As part of the conference there are a couple vendors who are selling their wares. This particular vendor sells books and magazines. I was glancing at the magazine table and picked up a copy to browse. To my surprise it was the issue where an article I wrote was being featured. I had forgotten about the article and took a double take when I saw my own art on the back cover. I was immediately humbled and glad that I had put in the work to solicit and write the article. 

There is only so much time in a day, and we all have to choose how we are going to spend, invest, or waste our hours. There are things we want to accomplish and things we want to learn. There are things we want to see and places we want to enjoy. There are chores and tasks, cleaning and culling to be done. There are beautiful ideas we have that we want to create and creative ideas we want to implement. Unfortunately we cannot do it all, no one can. We have only so many hours to use and too many things to fill those hours. So we have to choose, and we need to choose wisely. Choosing means some things get done and others go undone. Some things we do well and others things we do simply to check the box. 

Eventually we run into our own work and can see what others see from what we produce. We find an old file, review our procedures, or read something we wrote. That work can make us feel good about ourselves, or remind us how much of a hurry we were in to just get that task done. When we revisit the fruits of our labors we have the opportunity to have a different perspective. The work is no longer new, it might even be old. When we see it, are we proud or dismissive? Do we like what we see? Or do we think we could’ve done better? 

Knowing you may run into your work sometime in the future, does that cause you to pause and think differently about what you are producing. Do you want to retrace your steps and start again? Would you do it differently knowing your future self will be held accountable for it? Just something to think about as you choose what you will produce today. 

Lessons from Acorn Remnants

Leftovers take on all shapes and sizes. I found these on one of our benches. I imagined the adventures of the squirrel who found the acorn, carried it up to the flat surface, then worked to enjoy the meal. What a feast it must have been. This squirrel has to work a bit on their table manners, which seems to be typical for squirrels in our area. I am glad someone is enjoying the acorns, we have been bombarded with them and they can be quite pesky. 

From my perspective these little nuts prove to be a problem. They pile up and kill the things underneath. We rake and clean up year after year, and they keep working their way into the garden and crowding out the flowers. We enjoy the trees, not always a fan of the plethora or acorns those trees produce. To enjoy the trees someone somewhere had to let the acrons root and grow. They had to endure the acrons to be able to enjoy the tree. 

From the persepctive of the worldlife, we are a well stocked cafeteria of food. The squirrels, the deer, the raccoons, the birds all eat the acorns. They huddle around the piles we throw into the forest and dig up the ones buried in the dirt. They feast, and enjoy eating them in the sunlight…as you can see here. For all I know this crumbled mess was a morsel the squirrel had been saving for just the right day, one that was warm and sunny. It was obviously enjoyed and whoever ate it worked hard to get to the good stuff inside. 

What is one person’s pest is another person’s feast. I learned that from these acorn remnants. Seeing these shell pieces reminded me that my way of thinking is not the only way of thinking. That my view may not be the real view, or the view of anyone else. To best understnad I need to remind myself that the world is filled with people, places and things that see it all from a different point of view. Just like a squirrel sees this as a full stomach and nourishment to stay alive. So hooray for empty acorn shells, one less acorn for me to clean up and one happy animal roaming free and full. 

Time for a Nap

I found a sleepy bunny on a local farm. When I found him he moved, then took this position again. He was a tired little fellow and simply wanted to be cool and rest. There were three or four bunnies resting around the barn. They were enjoying the warm breeze and a shady place to nap. I guess it is tough to be cute, fuzzy, and simply want to sleep when people want to pet you and absorb your cuteness. Everyone gets tired once in a while, even cute little bunnies. I enjoyed watching him rest, relax and eventually fall asleep. 

What do you do when it’s time for a nap? Do you have a favorite spot on the couch? Or a comfy blanket that helps you relax and slip into a restful state? Do you set an alarm or allow yourself to sleep until you wake? Naps are a beautiful thing. They require that you let the world slip away long enough for you to rest and restore. Naps require quiet and intention, peace and nothingness. Whether it is a rainy day or a warm day on the front porch, naps help us become more of who we want to be. 

Like this fuzzy fellow, it’s time for a nap…rest well, rest long, rest and refresh.