Ink & gel pen on mixed media paper- 4th day of Christmas

We all need those movements when we laugh so hard we lose our breath. When we cannot control ourselves, all propriety goes out the window and we forget everything else. These laughs are moments to treasure and we are doubly blessed when we have the chance to share them with others.

“Jingle Bells” is a holiday standard tune and it reminds us to laugh all the way. When we laugh we forget things, remember things, enjoy things beyond what we remembered was possible. During these strange days and for many melancholy months a good laugh helps to remind us that all is not lost. As the saying goes a day without laughter is A day wasted, so today your mission is to laugh.

Laugh loud, laugh hard, laugh without concern for what anyone else thinks, and laugh simply to remind yourself not to take life so seriously. Being able to laugh is a great gift and one to be appreciated. It it takes riding in a one horse open sleigh then do it, just be sure to laugh all the way!