Inktober 2020 – Day 26: Billy Joel Lyrics

Even though it is getting close to Halloween, being afraid all the time does not set a solid foundation for a healthy life. It is good to be aware of what is happening around you, it is bad to let all those things drive you to neurotic behavior or omit your life. In this song, A Matter of Trust, Billy Joel reminds us that for every good thing to progress there has got to be more than just emotion, there has got to be trust.

Life has a lot of moving parts, parts we can control and parts over which we will always be behind the curve working hard to get a grasp of things. Our lives only work when we trust ourselves, trust other people, and trust strangers. We need to know ourselves well enough to believe that we are capable. We need to trust others enough to allow them to be part of our lives. And we have to trust strangers to drive cars, eat in restaurants, buy goods, even live our daily lives.

There are two takes not trust – trust until proven wrong or trust nothing until trust is earned. Both assume a certain position and require more or less of ourselves depending upon which way we play things. How do you make a person trustworthy? Good question. The only answer is to trust them. That may feel like a HUGE risk spending upon your take on trust.

In all this I ask myself how do I trust? When is my trust lost and how do I expect people to trust me if I do not trust them? It’s all a matter of trust, so think carefully about how you trust, why you trust and why you do not. Nothing in this life works without trust.