Inktober 2020 – Day 16: Billy Joel Lyrics

Sadness to joy, happy to forgotten, elation to depression, love to hate and back again, relief to fear, fright to calm, tired to wound up, creative to blocked, stumped to overwhelmed, and broke to flush. Life is about all of these and much, much more.

All of us have our ups and downs, highs and lows, two steps forwards and three steps back periods. These are the times when we think radical thoughts, experience extreme emotions and struggle with navigating all that is going on in our heads. Maybe something sparked our emotions and has us spiraling out of control. Maybe something left us hurting and frustrated and we just need to get it all our of our systems. It doesn’t mean were manic, it means life is happening and we are doing our best to deal with it.

Sickness, pain, failure, love, joy and celebration can all bring out our extreme reactions. And as humans it is healthy to let it all out. Leaving it bottled up inside wears us down, out and pushes us into corners in our own minds. Let yourself go to extremes and handle what needs to be handled then move forward having released it all. Whew! That felt good!