Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Oprah Winfrey

I have read this quote many times and each time it reminds me that what we focus on is truly what dominates the results in our lives. It takes courage to give thanks for what we have. Being thankful means you accept, respect and understand all that your life includes. If we are unable to appreciate what we have then why would we be given anything more? To grow we need to live in a mindset of abundance.

The same holds true for always focusing on what is missing. If all we ever see are the holes in our lives, the unfulfilled dreams or the empty dreams then why would we be given the opportunity to have more? Living life with a mindset of lacking only leaves us wanting and without, it prevents us from seeing opportunities because we can only see what we do not possess.

In both cases it boils down to how we think which determines our attitude. This is one of the reasons I made the words ‘always’ and ‘never’ the focus points for this piece. We may not want to face it but we control our ability to gather or repel things and people in our lives. No one wants to be around someone who ‘never’ can see, and yet we all want to spend time with people who ‘always’ see the good and somehow gather more each and every day.

Are you an always thinker or a never person? Maybe you’re not sure. Ask a good friend, a dear friend, someone who will tell you the truth and still be in your life. It is on;y through feedback and change that we are able to become the people we always wanted to become and never thought were possible.