The first week of November is done and the holidays will soon be upon us. I passed multiple subdivisions today that were already decorated for Christmas. I understand that it is hard work to decorate so doing it early let’s everyone enjoy it longer. The challenge is they blew right by Thanksgiving which robs us of the reminder to always give thanks.

The holidays are not only about one day, they are about ending the year by keeping things in perspective. Thanksgiving starts us off by dedicating one day to feasting, family and a reminder that many lives and people worked with great sacrifice so we could live a better life. Blowing by it implies that giving thanks is less important or more easily forgotten. How sad if that is true.

I know the hustle and bustle of the next couple months takes over and our own desire to be efficient curtails our ability to think and slow down. We have several weeks before turkey day and I write this message to encourage us all to maintain an attitude of gratitude until after we feast. Let us savor the food and the blessings we have by not zooming past an important day and virtue that made this country great. Give thanks, give love to those you love and take a nap while digesting too many calories. And of course, look forward to leftovers with lovers ones.