These ladies are fans of the anime cartoon Sailor Moon. There was a ‘meet up’ in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. My friend Annalisa is the adorable eleven year old in the middle. Her Mom is taking the picture. How awesome to have the courage to dress up and meet people who are excited about what you are excited about at age eleven. I’m proud of Annalisa for knowing what she likes and being able to share her passion and excitement with the world. 

When her Mom shared this photo with me I was impressed by Annalisa’s courage and passion. I don’t think I would have done what she did at that age. To have that much gumption and spunk as she starts middle school, imagine what she will be like as an adult. I can’t wait to see…

Do you remember what you were like at eleven? It is the age when you were in sixth grade. You were no longer a child, yet not a teen. You’re not quite blossoming into adulthood, yet too old to be treated like a kid. You have ideas and thoughts about who you might be and are just beginning to realize that you can be anyone you want. It takes courage at any age to exhibit who you are, to show the world what you are thinking and what you value. Dying your hair pink and dressing up like you favorite anime character, then meeting strangers who did the same thing, that takes a whole new level of courage. 

What are you passionate about? When was the last time you exhibited the courage of an eleven year old?  When did you last  show the world what you are made of? When have you put your passion on like a pink skirt and a sailor shirt and parade your enthusiasm for everyone to see? Fearless and so excited that you don’t care what enyone else thinks. I hope you have a day today when the joy you had at eleven invades your veins and you can’t control your smile. I hope you find others who are just as enthusiastic and excited as you are. And I hope you have friends and family that encourage you along your path. Even if you are not eleven anymore, you can still live life full of fun and courage. Just click your heels, raise your hands and smile from ear to ear…your fans are waiting!