Sometimes you see a scene that brings peace to your soul. This view made me take a deep breath and exhale slowly…bad air out, good air in. It helped me think about peace and quiet and being content. 

We work hard for what we have, what we want, what we want to provide for others. That hard work can put us into a routine that can be hard to break out of day after day, week after month, after year. Before we know it the years have passed and we are still working hard and wondering what it was all about. We have what we want and the people we love are provided for, so why are we still toiling so fervently? How much stuff can we buy? How many vacations can we take? How many toys can we play with? Yet we work and work and work all too often forgetting why. 

This view reminded me of what is important and how much peace and quiet lead to my contentment. I saw this photo in a magazine and I think I could actually hear the wind playing amongst the flowers. I had instant release and knew why I do what I do. Are you striving or are you content? Can you see yourself walking amongst the flowers and dabbling your hand between the  blooms? What brings you back to your why? Take a deep breathe and let the peace and quiet of this scene fill your mind, your heart, and your soul…bad air out, good air in.