City life is different than rural life. This shot of the Ginza in Tokyo highlights the bright lights and fast paced nature of city life. There are options beyond your imagination almost to the point of information overload. No matter the hour of the day there is something so see or do. Everything you could imagine wanting or needing is available. Life has an unending variety of opportunities for those who dwell or simply visit. There seems to be something exotic and hypnotic about the neon, advertisements, designs and signage all along the streets. We have fun simply watching the people and the fashion walking amongst us. 

City life has its allure. The people, the lights, the options, the fact that time has no meaning. Anything you could want or need is available. I know city dwellers who can’t sleep unless they have street noises in the background. I know city dwellers who do not know how to drive because they only take public transportation. I know city dwellers who have never been outside the city limits. And I know city dwellers who come alive the moment they cross into the city limit; their heart races, their energy rises, and the thrill of life’s adventures soars in their souls. They thrive by living in a city and cannot imagine themselves living anywhere else. 

When we travel we enjoy getting to know cities. The neighborhoods, the side streets, the idea that turning around the next corner could uncover something we’ve never seen before. Maybe it is because we do not live in the city that we find them so charming. We imagine the lives of city dwellers that are so different than our own. The glamour and the glitz that we imagine each city block contains. It is an adventure just walking around and seeing the big city sights. 

Maybe cities allow us to dream about the elements of life we do not experience everyday in our own lives. The lights shine bright and help us believe that anything is possible. The fact that so many diverse people, cultures and options dwell in such a small space adds the element of curiosity to the mix. Maybe just walking around a place where we do not live out our daily lives allows us to imagine a different life than the one we live each day. The boring parts of our world somehow seem thrilling when walking down a city block. The unknown has its allure, just like the big city. Next time you travel down a large city street, enjoy the view, the sights, and imagine the infinite options.