Here you see the Ramen aisle in a Tokyo supermarket. There was another Ramen aisle around the corner from this one. In a culture that eats rice and noodles it is not unusual to see more then two aisles selling this product. I was amazed at all the options for Ramen, then reminded myself where I was…duh! Of course they have hundreds of options here, it is a staple of their diet. 

So when someone who has never been to America walks into one of our grocery stores, what are they surprised to see? The variety of fruits and vegetables? The meat counter? The junk food, candy, and ice cream? Do they find it interesting the volume of options overall? We shop here all the time and take for granted the abundance and volume of choices we have everyday. We have an aisle that has Ramen, but it is not two entire aisles. 

When you are hungry, what food do you reach for first? Is it something savory, something sweet? Something traditional, or something avant guard? Sometimes our options are influenced by what we are used to. If the saying is true that we are what we eat, then what does our grocery store say about us? What does our comfort food say about us? Our food choices reflect what we think is important enough to keep us alive. Sometimes we get healthy, sometimes we go for the junk food. Either way, food tells us a great deal about ourselves. 

We had a lazy day today, and some of us are not feeling well…we ate Chinese take out for dinner. It was good, hot, and filled us all up. When in doubt, tired, or not wanting to cook we get take out. I was very grateful for the talented people who shopped the grocery store, prepared and cooked the food for us to take home and eat. Some days you can bear the grocery store and all of it’s choices, other days you are blessed by those who do it for you.