Stop in Your Tracks

The world is full of so many things we have never seen before. Traditions, customs, fashions and people that we encounter for the first time. I love the expression of awe and amazement on the face of the guy on the left who is mesmerized by the sight of the geisha. He seems fixed in place as he watches her turn the corner. His face says it all. 

We’ve all seems things we never thought possible. Places, people, landmarks, or even natural elements that cause us to pause and think. They open our minds and suddenly we realize that there is so much we know nothing about. The sights and sounds change us, once opened our eyes can never go back to the way they were before. 

What have you seen recently that changed your thought process, your ideas, your way of thinking? What has caused you to stop in your tracks? I hope your day includes seeing or experiencing something that makes you stop in your tracks. 


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