There is organzied and then there is way organized. This is the sugar container at a restaurant in Japan, a diner type spot.  I saw this and thought it was a great example of someone taking a good idea and making it better. Even in a coffee shop they thought of a better way to do things. They even translated it into multiple languages. 

As I consumed my breakfast and enjoyed the morning, I thought about how different people organize their world. Some people have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. They ‘see’ the world as having order and method and a process for things. They know where everything is location or stored and can access what they need whenever they need it. They behave this way because it is easier for them than chaos, or being organzied is a way for them to have peace and control in their realm. Then there are those who live their lives a bit less organzied. They have a loose hold on things, putting things back in a general method that may or not be the same tomorrow or next week. They like things open ended and a bit less structured. They thrive on having options and putting things back in a different way each time. Either way, whichever way works for you is what works. 

Sometimes it is hard to understand the other way. When you are organzied you can be challenged to understand how the more open ended person can live that way, or vice versa. Maybe the less structured have a hard time relating to those who would put tabs in the sugar container to divide the different types. It can be hard to handle the person who lives the other way or thinks differently than yourself. They may drive you crazy with their organization or openendedness. 

It takes both kinds to keep this crazy world running. Someone has to know where things are and someone has to have an open ended mindset. Both have value and purpose and a different way of thinking that somehow makes this whole globe work. But when you do not think or organize like the other way it can be frustrating, annoying, even degrading to interact with them. All too often we forget that it is our differences that make us interesting and help create new ideas, objects, or processes. It is being around those not like us that makes us better, makes us grow, they stretch us to become better versions of ourselves. The things they do that we do not understand cause us to reflect on our own ways and be better. 

So which one are you – organzied or open ended? Knowing yourself and your preferences can facilitate smoother relationships and work environments. It is when we judge others as to why they are not like us that causes conflict. Not everyone is like us which is what makes life interesting. If everyone were like you how boring would the world be?