If you think about all the things you need to get done in a day, a week, a month there are lots and lots of things to do. Some are big rocks sort of like boulders. Others are medium sized rocks. And still others are small rocks. So when working to get things done, which rocks do you lift first? 

If you lift the small rocks first you may need to move a lot of them, and it may take a while to see any progress. Small rocks are the things we do all the time, over and over again. They require our energy and attention though they do not always yield a great sense of satisfaction. I think about sweeping floors or dusting. These tasks take energy and attention yet next month or next week we will need to do them all over again. Small rocks are the tasks that will always be there – like going to the grocery store. If you do it once you will without doubt do it again soon. 

The medium rocks are the things we need to do that take more time and thought process. There may be planning involved and some routine maintenance. They take care and effort and may or may not have to be done over again. Traveling for work or a new project to change a process may be some examples. Medium rocks take more of our time and they may get in our way when we do not move them to completion. 

Large rocks are the big events of life – vacation, special events, career changes, life changes, tragedies, or advanced degrees to name a few. Because they are big rocks we tend to leave them where they land. We organize around where they fall and unfortunately they tend to take over our lives.  The planning, the time, the energy, the money we spend getting the big rocks into our lives then out again, it all can seem a little overwhelming. Large rocks are our priorities, yet they can squash us like a bug if we do not take care. Most of life is impacted by large rocks. Everything else seems to ebb and flow around these boulders of life.  

So what are the large rocks in your life that swallow up your time and energy. Are they worth it? Do you plan around them or do they thrust a plan upon you? It can be hard to deal with all the rocks in our world, especially when they move into spaces we have reserved for something else. Yet it is the large rocks that form the path that becomes our world. They shape our future and teach us some of our best lessons. So what rock are you working on right now? Or is one headed your way.  Best to take care of the small and medium rocks while you can before the next large rock of life catches you unprepared.