There are people we talk to because they are great conversationalists. They have wonderful insights and make us think. They are well versed on current events, or intersting topics, or even spend time listening to us no matter what we say. They tell us fascinating stories of their adventures making us feel as if we were right there with them experiencing the world. Hours pass before we know it, and all too often dawn ends the experience as the new day interrupts the best part of the conversation. 

There are people we talk to beacuse we love them and they love us. No matter the stupid, desperate, silly, or amazing things we do they will stand by us and listen to our side of whatever is happening. They pose a different perspective and often times make us look at ourselves in both realistic and honest terms to give us a safe place to be ourselves. We can win lose or simply plod along, and the people who love us will listen. 

Then there are the people we talk to because they listen. We go to them not because they are always available or provide brilliant insights. We talk to them because they listen, simple as that. They may not be able to fix it, or guide us, or even know what we are talking about. They simply listen, plain and true. They know things because people tell them, again because they listen. They have perfected the skill of not only hearing but truly listening and absorbing the information being relayed. They are not waiting for their turn to chime in, or searching for facts and details. They listen to listen, and show they care about you and your plight. And as a good listener they are an invaluable treasure. 

So which one are you? Do you listen because you like to converse, because you love someone, or because you truly care enough to listen. You might guess what you are, yet the people around you REALLY know how well you listen. We all hear things, we do not always listen. Knowing the difference between hearing and listening can make or break your relationships, your success, and your ability to make your dreams come true. Are you listening? If you are then you really can change your world.