This attack cat lives in a store. His job is to guard the site. Now how a cat guards anything I have no idea. When walking by this shop, the closed sign was out but this feline was in full view in the display window.  He looked content and out like a light. The little boy next to me wondered if the cat was real, and why he lived in the window. The boy’s Dad explained that the cat lived in the store and his job was to protect everything. The boy then commented, ‘what a great job!”

How do you describe to people what you do with your time? Do you talk about what you produce, or where you are going? Or do you list out the many things you accomplish each day? How would you explain what you do to a child? And what do you think they would say about your job? Would they even understand what you do each day? 

We each only have twenty-four hours in a day, and the choice of how we are going to spend that time. We can do our jobs effectively or quickly, slowly or lazily. How we choose to do our work says a lot about us. It also says a lot about what we value enough to spend our time doing it, and doing it well. So what does a sleeping cat have to tell us in all this? He tells me that he has done his job well and is ready to rest. He tells us that we knows waht he does it valued, no matter if he is caught on the job sleeping or not. Now that is confidence.  

At the end of your day how confident are you that you have done things well? That what you do is valued and that you can rest well knowing your work is complete. From this sleeping window kitty I now know what peace looks like at the end of the day, satisfied in a job well done.