Today I drove in a car, flew in an airplane, rode a train, and stayed in a hotel room. I ate in a restaurant and shopped in a couple stores. Today I give thanks for all the men and women who work on their feet for a living. The ones who labor so we can live our lives. They attend us, serve us, move us, and clean for us even when they do not know who we are or when we will arrive. These hard working people do not sit in offices or attend many meetings in conference rooms. They do not sit all day and read email, nor do they talk on conference calls or pretend to listen to someone else talking. 

These are the people who spend their days serving others, building things for others, cleaning up after us, and stock shelves so we can find what we need. This group of workers are all too often silent and unseen, they toil before we arrive or long later we leave. They work on shop floors, in kitchens, maintenance or laundry spaces, service vehicles or repair byways. They may or not have an advanced degree, and yet most certainly want to do whatever it takes to make sure their children have anything they need. Without them the rest of us would be paralyzed and unable to do what we do. 

Give a shout out to someone you see working hard so you have work hard. Thank them for their service, give them a bigger tip, smile and show them some appreciation. Without the back breaking efforts of these busy people you and I would be without highways, airplanes, trains or clean hotel rooms. We would not be able to eat in restaurants or shop in any retail establishments. The world is changing, and yet not enough that these jobs will disappear. There is always someone behind the scenes making it all work flawlessly. 

Thank you to the hard working people who make the rest of us look and feel amazing…we woludn’t be who we are without you!!!