Sometimes things in life are better when you do them in your pajamas. Being able to get up late and eat breakfast in your pajamas, instead of rushing to get ready to head out the door. Or not being able to sleep at night and walking outside in your pajamas without anyone noticing, and looking up to see the bright moon shining down on the sleeping world. Or being able to work all day in your pajamas because no one actually sees you, so if you want to wear slippers and check your email then go right ahead. Then there is Christmas morning when getting dressed before you rush to open your presents seems like sacrilege to the spirit of the day. 

What about those days in life when you would rather get out of your pajamas but you just can’t. Like when you are sick and getting to the bathroom in time is your greatest accomplishment of the day. On those days it is more effort to dress than to just stay in your pajamas. Or being sad and not feeling like getting dressed, when the emotions your are feeling overwhelm you and your pajamas area a comfort. Or when it is cold and your bed is warm, and moving out of your snuggley bed seems silly as you and your pajamas are the perfect temperature for more sleep. Or you forgot to do laundry and the only clean clothes you own are your pajamas. 

Either way, being in your pajamas can be both a blessing and a curse. So it isn’t your pajamas that are the challenge, it is what they represent. It is how they comfort and keep us while we are at our most vulnerable. They ‘protect’ us from the rest of the day or night, and they allow us to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. They serve as an act of rebellion or a layer of comfort. They can be fun or functional, loud or practically invisible. We wear them out or we wear them until their softness is an instant dose of peace and comfort and puts us right to sleep. 

I wish for you a day where you wear your pajamas for as long as you want, without guilt or panic. A day when you can be yourself and savor or deal with whatever emotion you are felling in the comfort and safety of your pajamas. I wish for you to be who you are in your most comfy of clothing and drift into a dream filled sleep only to be refreshed and excited about a new day. Hooray for your pajamas – friend or foe – let them serve you well.