It’s that moment when you leave what you know and head into the unknown. Like when a bird leaps from the safe branch to fly into the air. If you have ever seen birds learning to fly, they sometimes end up on the ground. They do not always fly on the first jump, yet eventually they get it and soar like an eagle. But to fly, they have to leap. Which means mustering up enough courage then taking a deep breath and jumping. 

I can imagine in this work the bird still on the tree is doing one of three things. Standing in silence not believing that the front bird is jumping. Or they are telling the front bird how much they could get hurt of they fall. Or they are urging the jumping bird onto greatness telling them how excited they will be to see them fly. Since we don’t know what is being said, we have to assume the bird lept anyway no matter how the other bird reacted. 

We all want people around us who urge us onto greatness. We want to be surrounded by people who tell us what we can do, not what we can’t do or how we might fail. Anyone can point out all the realities of the situation. They are usually obvious and hard to ignore. When you are taking the leap you want people who will be there no matter what happens. No one wants to pick themselves off they round to only hear, “I told you that would happen” when they get back up. It’s hard enough to risk without being reminded of your failures when you fail. 

We all want those people around us, but which one are you? Are you the friend who stares in silence not knowing what to say? Or do you feel it is your duty to tell people the reality of the situation, so in the end when they fail you can be right? Or are you the one urging them to greatness and the first to pat them on the back no matter the result? To have people who support you no matter what, you need to be that person first. We are a reflection of the people we hang with, even if it is only on the branch of a tree. Birds of a feather do flock together. If you find yourself standing alone on the tree limb maybe it is because of what you say to the other bird right before they leap. It might be time to chirp a new tune, take your own leap, and be the friend who cheers them until they soar across the sky. Someone has to go first. Someone has to take the leap…