My husband and I were commenting that we had not seen many deer on our property, and almost as if on que this Mama and baby ran through our yard. They stopped and nibbled some of the violets, then got nervous as they heard us talking about them. The newborn had a hard time keeping up with it’s mother, so she slowed down then walked behind the fowl to make sure it knew how to get back into the forest. The baby was so new it still had it’s spots, gangly legs and akward gate as it walked. 

It reminded me that no matter the species or age, Mothers love their children. Humans, deer, birds and everyone else love thier babies, care for their babies, and want to protect their babies. It is the natural instict of a parent to care for and protect, teach and lead their offspring down the path of survival. All parents do it in their own way. And we as children pick up their habits and idiosyncrasies without even being aware of where we learned it all. From our parents we learn our values, our life skills, our likes and dislikes. It all gets rolled into the ball of life called family.

Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have passed. There is no Hallmark card to find in stores, or flowers to send to remind anyone. This mother deer and her baby reminded me how thankful I am for the parents I have. I am also glad for the children in my life who I have the opportunity to nurture along their path in life. It is the circle of life for one generation to bring up another, then that younger generation becomes the caregiver. It is perpetual priviledge of family, and a blessing all along the journey. 

Take the time today to tell someone who has had an impact on your journey ‘thank you’. Let them know without it being a designated holiday that what they have done for you matters. Not long ago you were the fowl running behind and they slowed down so you could catch up. And maybe time has given you the gift of being able to give back and now take care of them. Whomever it is, just let them know you appreciate all they did to help you navigate life in the forest.