Going to the bathroom is a necessary part of life. This little fellow greeted all the ladies in the airport bathroom. He walked up and down the aisle inside the stalls greeting all of us as we ‘did our business’. The owner shouted and called, but this canine was having too much fun meeting and greeting every woman he saw. When his owner left her stall she was able to get him back on his leash and out of the bathroom. This little smile was a pleasant surprise during a boring bodily task, and actually made the entire bathroom laugh out loud. I hope he made his flight ok. 

Never underestimate the power of enthusiasm. Never underestimate the gift of laughter and the unexpected.  We live our lives in so many diffferent sized boxes that when something so unexpected as a loose dog in the public bathroom sets us free, we cannot help but laugh. It was wonderful to watch the mood of all the women in the place instantly change. What felt hurried, impatient, and tired suddenly turned to uncontrolled joy. It brightened everyone’s day and I know the ripples were felt throughout the airport. 

When we bring joy and enthusiasm to others we ourselves feel joy. When we let ourselves out of the boxes we live within we have no idea what spontaneity can do for our soul. For me it was an unexpected wet nose and warm tongue licking my shoe during a life process. It was pure fun and made me smile for hours to come. And with my smile I passed the joy onto others, who had not experienced the bathroom pup. I was in a fun mood for the rest of my trip. Thank you bathroom pup for helping to make all our worlds better. Your escape helped us escape from the box where we were living. You brought joy to an ordinary task. Keep up the good work, keep sharing your joy.