We’ve all had one of those days. The day when your ice cream drops off your cone. All you can do is stare, sigh, and let it go. It might be the only thing that went wrong, but it went wrong big! It is so frustrating to look forward to something then have it go wrong. I saw this statue during my travels and I had to laugh. 

There are many different reactions to this situation. Some people say something ‘creative’ and then clean up the mess. Others get a bit more agitated and angry and let the people around them experience their frustration. Then there are those who simply break down and cry. They were so looking forward to eating this treat that the sight of the ice cream sitting on the ground is more than they can bear. This awful thing is what puts them over the edge. I’ve also seen people burst out in laughter when the ice cream falls. They find it funny and just laugh away the disappointment. I once saw a little boy lose his scoop, and the parlor owner replaced it for free. The smile from the child at the first lick on the replacement cone will never leave my soul. 

How do you react to disappointment? Do you deal with it then clean it up? Do you let other people experience your emotions with you? Do you laugh or cry?  Do you lose your cool? Or do you find another way to get what you want? We all exhibit our character most clearly when we are frustrated. We show who we truly are by how we behave when life does not go our way. People who know us most intimately see the real us, and know how we would react. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we react one way, when in reality we react another. Knowing yourself and how you react is a major element of knowing who you are. 

I hope for you to actually eat your next ice cream cone from beginning to end, and enjoy the treat with no disappointment. Everyone deserves to enjoy life as much as possible. There will be days when you lose your icecream, I hope they are few and far between.