Tonight I was in an ice cream shop and ordered a bowl of sorbet. While I was eating my treat I wandered into the other side of the store not realizing they had chocolate.  I stopped dead in my tracks. With my spoon in my mouth I saw this display case full of Carmel apples. I love Carmel apples. I stared at this display and drooled. I had missed my chance to have one, so I stood there and dreamed of when my next chance would come to have a Carmel apple. Who knew this ice cream store would have something even better than sorbet? The thought never crossed my mind. 

There are times in life when there can be too much of a good thing. This display case of my favorite treat was amazing and overwhelming at the same time. SO many options, so many choices, too many complications on the simple idea of a Carmel apple. When I am overcome with options I go for the classic, my favorite Carmel apple with peanuts for example. And there I go again with choosing what I know and not even trying the other options. 

Sometimes we have too many options, too many choices, too many opportunities. Sometimes ya’ just want to get what you know and love and savor…like a Carmel apple with peanuts. Sometimes it is best to go with what you know and like instead of being disappointed in an alternate choice. There is nothing worse than being hungry and eating out, only to leave unsatisfied and still hungry. You ordered something different that just didn’t meet the need. You’re still hungry and yet you spent your money on a meal which left you wanting. 

So I walked out the of ice ream store and enjoyed my sorbet, thinking about Carmel apples. I know that when I get home I can find one and enjoy it fully. This night would be spent eating watermelon sorbet, cool, sweet and the perfect summer treat. With all the choices we have it is awful to miss the delights of one thing thinking about another. Time allows us many chances to get what we want, to be provided multiple choices, to have a chance to eat and be satisfied. In this land of abundance and overindulgence we can choose to eat and enjoy, knowing we will enjoy something else in the near future. Being overwhlemed is no fun and can ruin what you have right before you. Living life to the fullest means being able to appreciate what you have and dream about what you might have in the future. So here’s to sorbet now and Carmel apples for another day.