Creativity comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and shades. Give ten people the same tools and timeframe and they will come up with ten different creations. They may bounce ideas off of each other and be inspired by what each other invents. They may double down  and focus on their own work, looking up to cheer you on and glean from your success. They may ask for help or offer assistance when you need some. They may even work with you and provide input when you need someone else to take a look. However it works, creativity is an amazing phenomenon. 

Then there are the times when we are blocked and cannot produce, or when our original idea implodes before our eyes. Recovering from the dry days, the failures, the empty page and no ideas can be discouraging. It can bring tears or feelings of worthlessness and doubt. Creativity is not a competition. It is not about how much work you produce or if people like what you produce. Creativity is about letting your inner ideas out so the world can be impacted by what only you can create. It is about letting go of judgement – judging yourself as less than and the critical judgement of others. Creativity is about stepping away from the rules and forging new trails. It is about trying new things, getting inspired and allowing time to pass with no concern for the realities of life. It is about celebrating the trying. 

But what if I try and I fail? What if you don’t try at all? What if you simply let the negative thoughts in your head rule your world? What if you succeed? What if you win? What if you find amazing things to do that you had never tried before?  What if…two very dangerous words. Two words that can stop grown men dead in their tracks, or may find the cure for cancer. Two words that have prevented ideas from coming to life, or allowed something to be created from nothing. Two words that have squashed creativity and the invention of unimaginable things AND kept the inventive mind going until they find a solution. What if…

How will you apply those words today?