I found a sleepy bunny on a local farm. When I found him he moved, then took this position again. He was a tired little fellow and simply wanted to be cool and rest. There were three or four bunnies resting around the barn. They were enjoying the warm breeze and a shady place to nap. I guess it is tough to be cute, fuzzy, and simply want to sleep when people want to pet you and absorb your cuteness. Everyone gets tired once in a while, even cute little bunnies. I enjoyed watching him rest, relax and eventually fall asleep. 

What do you do when it’s time for a nap? Do you have a favorite spot on the couch? Or a comfy blanket that helps you relax and slip into a restful state? Do you set an alarm or allow yourself to sleep until you wake? Naps are a beautiful thing. They require that you let the world slip away long enough for you to rest and restore. Naps require quiet and intention, peace and nothingness. Whether it is a rainy day or a warm day on the front porch, naps help us become more of who we want to be. 

Like this fuzzy fellow, it’s time for a nap…rest well, rest long, rest and refresh.