I visited an arts center and stumbled upon this small loom. Someone had started a weaving, and had stopped to take a break. I was reminded of how much work it is to set up a loom. All the threads that need to be put into place before any bit of weaving can begin. I have never done it, and can only imagine the discipline and patience it takes to get started. And yet if you string it incorrectly from the beginning, everything else after that will be wrong. 

As the weaver starts, they have a plan. They string the loom with the plan in mind, carefully adding row upon row of the foundation lines one at a time. Once the loom is ready, they pull row after row of yarn through the loom. The design builds and they follow the plan, while also taking a opportunities to improvise where they see fit. A plan is how they get started, the freedom to move with the changes and ideas that occur while executing the plan is what sets a phenomenal weaver apart from a regular weaver. It’s not always about how well oyu execute the plan that mattes, it is how you navigate the twists and turns, opportunties and threats life throws your way that really matters. 

The tapestry of life is woven line by line, experience by experience. Some of the most beautiful lengths of yarn and thread are the ones that can never be duplicated. The first threads provide a foundation and the last thread finishes the piece. The work in between is what tells the story. No thread is more important that the other, they all serve the whole. Without one there would be a gap, something missing, an incomplete story. Our experiences in life are like threads in a tapestry. They build upon each other to tell our story. When we learn and grow and change, we add strength and interst to your story. We become a better version of ourselves. 

Today you are adding threads to your weaving, completing your story. So what is your plan? And where do you see the opportunties to improvise and change the plan? What threads do you want to add, highlight, incorporate to make your story unique? How will your story differ from everyone else’s? And what tricks of the trade, nuances of the process do you want to share with the world? The story of your life is not yet finished. There are many threads and adventures yet to be completed. Take the time to do it right, and if something does go wrong or not as planned, then use your talent to incorporate it into the tapestry. Every thread makes it your story, one pull at a time.