There are days when you are down and out, punished by the ins and outs of life. There are days when you wander about not knowing what’s going on, stuck in mediocrity. Then there are days when you are king of the hill, on top of the world, the ruler of all you see. This goat was having a blast defending his domain. He spent lots of energy and excitement pacing back and forth being in control. I had fun watching him have a blast being ruler of his world. 

Joy is contagious. Success is contagious.  Being happy is contagious. Each day we get to choose how we are going to repond to all that the world dumps at our doorstep. We can choose to be energetic and enthusiastic, or hold back and withdraw into ourselves. When we show our excitement and joy we allow others to be the same. When we can’t help but jump up and down having fun, we give others license to do the same. 

Never be afraid to show how you really feel. Share your excitement and joy. Let the world around you see you having fun, ruling your world. Imagine the passion you will incite by sharing your own passion with others. Ya’ never know who is watching and who you will inspire. If this goat can do it, imagine what you could do!