I cannot tell you how much I hate tomatoes. My idea of hell is having to eat a raw tomato. Since I was a little kid I cannot put a raw tomato in my mouth. The texture makes my skin crawl. One of our oldest family jokes is to pass me the tomatoes during a cook out or picnic, and that joke has been told for decades. I enjoy tomato flavored things, just not raw tomatoes. This summer was my first foray into growing tomatoes, and this is my first one right off the vine. It may not be pretty but I am proud of it. 

I started the plants from small pots, planted them, watered them regularly, and have moved the pots to make sure they get enough sunshine. Over the past few months I have been diligent to keep them not only alive but growing. When I first saw this one develop from bud to actual fruit, it was amazing. You may ask yourself why would someone who hates tomatoes with such a passion want to grow them? It does seem a little strange. It’s simple, my husband loves tomatoes. He enjoys them in any way shape or form. He wanted to grow them, but never got around to it…so I tried. I love my husband more than I hate tomatoes, and that is saying a lot. 

Sometimes you do something not because you will benefit, but because someone else will be impacted by your efforts. You put in the time and energy because you know it will make life for someone else better. You know they will appreciate it, and you know their smile is worth all the work. In a world that is selfish and focused inward, it is important do one thing that will not be about you. It may take overcoming some of your own persoanl biases. It may mean going against your personal preferences simply because someone else prefers it. It may make you think differently because it is not about you. Taking the time to do this thing will mean you have less time for what you want, and that is a good thing. 

I have enjoyed growing these plants because I know my husband will enjoy eating the tomatoes…at least I hope he will. I have no plan to eat our fruitful bounty, and I have no plan to cook with them either. I will not take a little bite or even taste any portion. I do know I will greatly enjoy watching my husband enjoy them. I hope they taste exactly the way he wants. I will smile all the way down to my toes, and walk away quickly before he asks if I want a bite. Sometimes the growing is all you need, as long as you know someone else who will benefit from your labors.