When we have hard times, they seem like dark days. The dark side contains problems, challenges and road blocks. The dark side makes you feel small, incapable and stuck. The dark side can seem like an endless valley of dry and heat packed days. When you have problems it is as if you will never get out alive, or the problems will never end. 

I was having a bad day recently and it felt like I was trapped on the dark side. A friend sent me this sign. She encouraged me to think about the other side of my problem, the solution or the bright side of things. The bright side contains mermaids, unicorns, and rainbows. It might sound silly, but when you look on the bright side of things it may not seem so dark. That sounds obvious, yet when we are mired in the muck it can be hard to get around the bad to see the light. Sometimes we need someone else to remind us that nothing lasts forever. Someone else needs to remind us that unicorns and rainbows actually exist, that they can be part of our world if we simply believe. 

Have you ever seen a mermaid, unicorn or touched a rainbow? These all seem like impossible things, yet we all know about them. We have heard stories about them, seen pictures, learned about them in cartoons, even sign songs with these topics. They provide hope and light when all looks dark and impossible. They may not be ‘real’ yet they are somehow able to transport us from the dark side to the light. Somehow they help us make the mental shift, and that shift turns the tide on our problems. 

I am grateful for friends that remind us that nothing lasts forever. Friends that remind us of the good that exists, the belief that hope can change the tide of things, and that we are worth changing our thoughts. Making the mental shift sometimes take a swift kick in the pants from someone else to knock some sense into our thought process. Just this simple sign helped me make the shift and put my bad day into perspective. I have never touched a rainbow, but I am willing to chase one…and that shift in my thought process changed everything.