Our big cat Buschi went to the vet today for his annual shots. Words cannot express how much he does not like going to the vet. When he got home, he wandered around and tried to find somewhere to rest. His brother from another mother found him and applied a little feline TLC. Some days you just need to know that someone knows you are not one hundred percent, and they care enough to stop and apply a little tenderness. 

In all the rushing around you will do today, spread a little tenderness to someone who needs it. It may be a hug, a kind word, a pat on the back, a silly joke, or a kiss on the cheek. No one ever complained that the world was too kind. No one will think less of you, in fact they may think the exact opposite. Kindness does not equal weakness. We all need some TLC every once in a while. Sp spread it generously and often, ya; never know when you will need some.