Have you ever had one of those days? When you just can’t take anymore and collapsing is your only option. This young traveler gave up in the rental car section of an airport. I had to walk by him to get to the counter, and I could totally relate. His brother is to the right with his head hung low, ready to rest. Both young boys have had enough and their posture shows it. The license of youth is that it allows you to express yourself without hesitation or self consciousness. They are both tired of traveling and nothing – not even being in a public space at the airport – can stop them from showing exactly how they feel. As I walked by I had to admire their exuberance and sheer honesty in letting everyone know what was going on in their world. 

Somewhere as we grow up, we learn to hide how we are actually feeling behind what is socially acceptable. We still feel our true feelings, we simply learn the politically correct way to show them. An unintended consequence of learning to hide your emotions is that eventually you become good at hiding your emotions even from yourself.  When you do not deal with your own emotions you do not know how to deal with the emotions of anyone else. We ‘grow up’ and leave our ability to express ourselves with unabashed clarity in our childhood. Somewhere in that process politically correct and adult definitions take over and our hearts are left yearning. 

I must admit there are trips when I want to throw myself on the carpet and give up, stop moving forward and just flop. I’ve had enough and I want the world to know it. But I don’t. I never flop in the airport or hang my head in a pile of luggage, I trudge forward and collapse into my hotel room bed alone with my jumbled up emotions. I sigh loud and long, go to bed, and do what needs to be done. And when I want to get home, I go back to the airport and travel again to my favorite destination. 

When you are having a flop down kind of day, go somewhere and let it all out. Get over the politically correct option and dive with passion into a full fledged flop. Show your emotions, your exhaustion, your weakness and your tired soul. Let it all out and do not think once about waht anyone else might think. Your soul and your emotions will thank you, and you may become the envy of everyone who sees your expression.