As you wake up today, somewhere on the other side of the world someone else’s day is drawing to a close. They have already lived their day and are settling into an evening at home, dinner, then a good night’s sleep. You however are just getting started, gearaing up for whatever is on your schedule, and will work for many hours until your day reaches its end. Isn’t it strange and fantastic that this round world has such alternate realities? People around the globe are having similar yet very different lives, lives based on the choices they have made in their little corner of the world. 

Somewhere along your journey you made significant choices about your life. Have you ever wondered about the life you would be living if you had made a different choice? Milestones, turning points, a fork in the road…the road less traveled by. Which choice was a significant factor in leading you to where you are now? Do you see it’s impact now, looking back? Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? Or would you take a different path not knowing where it would lead? Making a different choice may have lead you to another part of the world, where right now it is the opposite time of day. 

The adventure in life is not always knowing where the path may lead. It is facing the unknown with joy and excitement. It is learning and overcoming and becoming a little bit more yourself each and every day. The twists and turns bring you closer to your future and farther from the last choice you completed. Each bend in the road is another opportunity to be more yourself, be more passionate and discerning about who you want to become, be more you than you thought you had the courage to endure. Life means not only living from sunrise to sunset, it means making your world better one decisions at a time. 

Whether you are just waking up or getting ready to sleep, live well with the decisions you made today. If you want to change them, change them tomorrow. If you want to head down a different path, then make that choice with gusto and live outloud. Later down the road you will be able to see where the decision you just made landed, or how the world is now different because of your choice. Let today be your adventure, or dream of teh adventure you had today. Either way, it’s a great big world full of choices and you are where you have chosen to be.