It’s the juicy bite that has tempted your tastebuds all throughout your meal. It is the dessert that waits patiently for you to devour it with fork and fingers. It is yummy going all the way down that tastes just as you had hoped. It is the satisfaction of sweetness that lingers in your tastebuds and brings sighs of satisfaction long after the plates have been cleared. It is the final end to a wonderful meal that serves as the exclamation point for the entire dining experience. All that from blackberries and cream. 

The real beauty of the berry is that they embrace their natural self and let it shine. They do not overcomplicate or try to be something they are not. They appreciate that they are berries and rejoice in what they bring to the table. They do not pretend to be poultry, or a vegetable, a potatoe or even another type of fruit. They are blackberries plain and simple. They do not pretend to be the main dish or work hard to disguise what they are in hopes of being something else. The berries do not learn new tricks in order to make themselves more appealing, or jump through hoops to get attention. It might sound silly, but they know they ar berries and they are glad to be berries. 

If simple blackberries and cream can bring such joy and satisfaction to a meal, what do you do with your natural blessings that allow people to react that way? Do you create an experience, a program, an item, or a trend? Do you embrace the simplicity of your gifts and let them shine for the world to see? Or do you think you know better, overcomplicate the process and turn beauty into blandness purely because you overworked it? 

It can be hard to leave well enough alone. It can seem too easy to let the good things you can do simply stand for themselves. Can it be that easy? Can it be that simple? Can it be that clear? Do you dare put your natural self out there for the world to see and wait to see how it is received? Not everyone will appreciate what you bring to the table. Not everyone will value what you provide. Not everyone will be able to enjoy simple in a world that could complicate jello. Not everyone will understand the joy in your simplicity. To quote Dr Seuss, ‘Those who mind do not matter, and those who matter do not mind.”

So be your simple, elegant, beautiful self. Let your purity and natural talents shine. Have teh courage to leave well enough alone and celebrate your beauty. Like these black berries and cream, plain and simple is fantasic. No need for more, they are excellence in each and every bite.