This is one of my favorite passages in literature. It is from The Velveteen Rabbit. In the story a new toy rabbit is asking an older toy what being Real is about. How does one become Real? What does it feel like? How will I know when I am Real? All great questions, ones I think we all ask ourselves from time to time. The best part is the older toy’s response. 

Who do you know that is Real? How do you know they are Real? They show up as themselves on a regular basis. They don’t work to impress you, or buy things to impress you, or wear things to impress you. They are themselves – worn down by love and life, and ready to show it all. They know who they are, what they believe, and what they are willing to fight for. Real people encourage you to be Real as well. They want to know the Real you, the one behind the clothes, the activities, the trappings of life…they want to know YOU. 

Do you know YOU? Do you know what you believe and what you are willing to fight for? Do you show where your hair has been rubbed off and the wrinkles from laughing and smiling show? Do you talk about your age as an asset instead of an apology? Do you move with slow joints or wear glasses? Do you know who you are – the Real you deep down inside? Or do you have to be handled carefully so as not to ignite your high maintenace habits? You want things a certain way, and when you do not get your way you make life miserable for those around you. If you do not know YOU, then who ever can? 

Let us celebrate the people who are Veleveteen Rabbit Real. The people we know and love who know and love us because we are Real. Because to them we can never be ugly.