These toadstools greeted me when I was watering our plants. I almost smushed them without realizing it. They are only about an inch or two high, and yet they are the only color in our lawn. They popped up over the last few soggy days. They probably won’t last much longer, but for today they stand tall and add a new element of life to our space. 

I think we forget that just because things don’t last long, it does not mean they add no value. Sometimes the most precious gifts are the ones we have to cherish quickly before they fade away. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. No one is guaranteed that the plans they make will succeed. And no one is in complete control of everything, so it is a wonderful trait to be able to take the unexpected in stride and celebrate what it brings. Like these tiny mushrooms, often the unexpected brings the color to life. 

Today I wish you a day with something unexpected in it. Something that you cannot control, something you did not plan, and something you do not dare ignore. Something that will bring color and excitement to your world and change the way you look at things forever.