I spotted this kitty today, looking at the world through the apartment window. It watched the world go by, the morning traffic, the birds in the trees, and the other animals walking down the street. I felt a little sorry for the cat, stuck in a small apartment with only one window. Stuffed behind the blinds to catch a view of what is happening outside. This scene made me appreciate the space our cats have to roam and hunt and play. Our cats have freedom to move inside and outside whenever they want. 

Once the light changed and I drove past this intersection, I had a renewed perspective on space. Maybe the window cat only knows a small apartment with one window, and that is their entire world. They are free to view the world any time, day or night, with no fear of predators, getting lost, or being hurt by traffic. They have an abundance of food and water, warmth and humans who provide. The cat is content and relaxed, happy and adored. I judged the space to be too small and confine, yet it was my thinking that was too small. I judged from my perspective, not from that of the cat. I only saw what I could understand, not what the cat experienced. My view of the world is different and works for my space, not for a city kitty. I know what I would want, but I am not an indoor city cat. 

How many times do we only see things from our perspective? We judge and view things from the lense of what we have experienced. To get along with people, we need to think from the other person’s side of the story. We need to view the world from their window and see how the world looks through their eyes. We gain understanding and wisdom when we are willing to alter our own thoughts and learn about someone else’s world. What we value may appear more valuable, more precious when we see what others go without. We may also find inventive and unusual things to make life better that we never imagined. But we only know all this by changing the way we think. 

Thank you city kitty for reminding me to see things from someone else’s perspective. I hope you see lots of birds in your tree ad enjoy the sunshine from your window perch.