Do you have the guts or thinking to actually live life differently? Are you willing to endure people talking about you as you live life on your own terms? Being an innovative thinker means you may stick out like a horse at a drive through window. You get what you want, live on your own terms, endure comments from conventional living souls. What you do may get noticed and surprise people. Are you ok with that?

It isn’t easy being the one that innovates or travels a different path. Life may not always fit with your way of doing things. Instead of life changing for you, you may be the one who has to lean or adjust in order to get things done. Your ingenious ideas and methods may mean you fill in the gaps or cross the boundaries to see that your needs are met. You may need to endure being misunderstood by others in order to live life your own way. 

We celebrate out of the box thinking. We seek out those who think and act differently, yet it is not always easy being that out of the box thinker. It is not easy being the one who always has to bend in a world that says it wants different, innovative, unique and yet organizes itself for the average, typical, safe. Like a horse at a drive through window you may be the innovator who has to figure out how to make it work. You may be the one who is disappointed when the conventional world says it wants your ingenuity yet functions to meet and accomodate the average Joe. 

Celebrate being the one who dares to live life on your own terms. Enjoy being the one who gets noticed for doing ordinary things in a unorthodox way. Get excited when people do not understand why you made the choices you have made. You are in outstanding company when you are misunderstood. Genius, ingenuity, innovation and change all cause ordinary people to stand back and scratch their head. Be the one riding the horse at the drive through window, the French fries are that much better tasting when you enjoy them from your chosen vantage point.