Here we see people actively waiting for their train. Amazing how their faces look the same eventhough they probably are thinking about totally different topics. Some are looking at their phones, some are looking out into space. At one time or another we all spend time waiting for one thing or another. What you do with the time spent waiting is what makes the difference. 

I can think of times in my life when I was waiting for something to get here, waiting for the next opportunity to arrive. Being impatient I wanted it to hurry up and get here so I could move forward. I found myself tired of waiting and annoyed that nothing seemed to be happening. I wanted it when I wanted it, and was frustrated that my timeline was not taking place. It was all about what I wanted, when I wanted it, and how I thought it needed to play out. 

What I didn’t realize is that waiting allowed me to refine myself, my goals, my thoughts enabling me to be better prepared when the opportunity did arrive. By wanting to hurry I was denying myself the challenge and skills waiting develops. When we wait, we learn about ourself and what we are willing to wait for. When we wait we learn what is really important and what can be released. We refine ourselves through introspection and reflection…if we are willing. When we wait we have the opportunity to understand our priorities and what is just noise. Or we can spend the time looking at a screen, occupying our minds and avoid all the personal growth opportunities time alone can provide. 

Waiting is not free time, it is time we are free to choose what we will invest in these moments. Do we focus on making ourselves better- better prepared, better people? Do we learn patience or get frustrated and become impatient? Do we savor the silence or fill the time with distraction and activity. All of us spend a portion of our time waiting for one thing or another. What we do while we wait says a great deal about who we are, what is important to us, and how willing we are to learn and prepare. Looking back on my life I see the times I was frustrated by waiting, and the benefits that waiting forced me to absorb. By waiting I was able to become a better me, ready to face the new opportunity with more patience, more gratitude, more joy. 

Whatever it is you are waiting for, enjoy the time. Let these moments spent waiting contribute to who you are becoming. Allow yourself the prize at the end of your wait instead of forcing the issue and pushing your way ahead. Patience is a virtue we often want without having to wait for it. If what you want is worth the wait, then enjoy and learn from the waiting.