Persimmon has moved his napping place to the sofa on our front porch. I have found him there sleeping several times in the last week. He is the stray cat who has adopted us over the last year. Let’s face it, he has trained us to his way of working more than we have assimilated him into our lifestyle. 

Funny how it works that way. You add a new person, a new element, a new routine into your world and things change. By developing a relationship with this cat, my husband and I are much more aware of the environment around our home. We make sure food and water are on the porch, so he has what he needs. We have rearranged furniture and other items so we can see if the bowls are empty without opening the door. We have learned that he wakes up when we get too close, so being aware of his preferences makes us feel a bit more hospitable. All this because I started feeding a stray cat. 

Persimmon now has friends and fans. We have people ask us about him and they want to know if he is still coming around. I had someone ask me yesterday if he still sleeps on our porch. When I told them about his new spot on the sofa they smiled. It is as if our kindness was permeating the hearts of others and encourages them to seek out opportunities for kindess in their own world. I think we all want to know that kindness matters. We want to believe that goodness, friendship, and providing for others really makes a difference. That it is possible to cultivate and sustain friendships with unlikely partners. 

By opening our home and our hearts to this feline we have become better versions of ourselves. We better appreciate the blessings we have because we are able to share them with a cat who is less fortunate. Let’s face it, this cat would survive without our hlep. He would hunt and find water, sleep somewhere else and roam wherever he wants. We think we are being kind when in reality he has allowed us to share and learn to be better neighbors, better stewards of the assets in our world. When I pass by the window and see him sleeping on our from porch it melts my heart. I am blessed by being a simple place for a tired outdoor cat to rest. His peace becomes my peace. His calm becomes my calm. His satisfaction becomes my gratitude for all we are able to enjoy. Never underestimate the lessons you can learn from a sleeping stray cat.