This question reminded me that life is all about choices. Whether it is choosing between the lift or the stairs, a steak or a salad, life is all about choices. We are in life where we have chosen to be, even if we are not always content with the consequences of our choices. Each day we make choice after choice that impacts our life and the lives of others, sometimes unaware of how what we decide changes things for those around us. 

Just like the choice this question proposes, sometimes the choice seems simple. Stairs or elevator? Might not change the world, yet over time it could change your world. Over a long period of time when you choose healthy over sedentary, life changes, your energy level changes, your long term outlook seems less overwhelming. You have the energy to tackle your ideas, your prospects, your dreams. All that from choosing to take the stiars versus riding the elevator. Life is about small steps, leading to small victories, which lead to big futures. Today’s simple choice leads to the tomorrow you imagine. 

One choice leads to where you want and another leads to the alternative. In life we also make bad choices, poor decisions, and then must learn to live with the result. We regret the way we chose when facing a cross road. We regret not choosing more wisely. If we had known how it would turn out, we would have chosen differently. And yet the choice we made led us to our current place in life. The lessons we learned from the poor choice taught us valuable lessons we would not know had we chosen another path. So was it really a poor choice, or one that led us to a path of growth and knowledge? Some of life’s greatest lessons are only learned through failure and strife. 

Take the stairs or take the elevator, simple choice right? Or is it? Everyday we make choices and must live with the consequences and outcomes of those choices. You can do anything you want in life, anything. So today choose wisely.