We have been working in the yard. Weeding, cleaning, raking, clearing, planting, and pruning. We know Summer is on it’s way when we wash down the front porch. That is our signal that we are about to spend months outside enjoying the sounds and beauty of nature. It can be hard work transitioning everything from Winter, through Spring into Summer. What you thought would grow back, doesn’t always survivie. What you thought was alive is now dead. Then the surprise happens when the plant you forgot you planted pokes above ground to pay homage to Summer. The porch is now clean and oyu can rest in knowing that Summer fun is on its way. 

There is nothing like a nap after working and getting things done. There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction is seeing the fruits of your labors, to slowly nod off into blissful slumber. There is nothing like waking up refreshed and a little stiff from the day of labor. And there is nothing like being able to walk around freely, no neighbors, no noise, only birds flitting from tree to tree as they build their nests. 

It is a wonderful thing to enjoy where you live. It is a blessing to be able to relax in your own space and take a nap in multiple locations. Behind this tuckered out kitty you can see where I like to nap, the hammock. I have fallen asleep many afternoons after a hard day’s work, simply relaxing and enjoying the view of the sky through the leaves. Our cat Buschi is giving me the idea again. I think it is time for a nap.