There are comfort foods, and there are decadent comfort foods. In Frankfort, Germany I found these at the airport. A doughnut pretzel, the best of both worlds. You get the wonderful size and shape of a pretzel with the sugary goodness of a doughnut. The carbs and gluten are well worth each bite. There was a line twelve people deep waiting for these. Who wouldn’t want to board their flight with this in their tummy? Airline food doesn’t have a chance when this bakery has three locations at the airport. 

I thought of other great pairings that have set the food world on fire. Macaroni and cheese. Peanut Butter and jelly. Hot Dogs and Mustard. Lamb and mint jelly. Bananas and ice cream (with chocolate sauce of course). Chicken and waffles. Biscuits and gravy. So many come to mind, and it makes me hungry just writing about them. Imagine how great the pairing is when they hit your taste buds and overwhelm you with yumminess. 

There is power in the number two. There is something about having another set of eyes, another set of skills to get things done. Many people are blessed to have a spouse who brings out the best in them. They are different, yet to works. Others are fortunate to have a business partner that compliments their skills with other capabilities, and together they are the complete package. There are great musicians who perform best in a duo, and there are athletes that win over and over again when they work in a pair. Magic happens when you release doing it all by yourself and allow someone else to fill in your gaps. And that means first you have to know your gaps, and second you have to be willing to allow someone else have the talents you do not THEN let them exercise those talents their own way. 

Too many times we get set in our ways, think the same things, execute in the same process, and we are successful. We are complimented on our work and we are able to achieve success. Then we meet someone who has skills we don’t, looks at things different than we do, and somehow engages us to see things from a different perspective. And when the two are put together on something, astounding things begin to arise. Ideas flourish, creativity grows, more and more gets generated than what either could have generated alone. THAT is the power of two. The best of two worlds working together to make an even better something, maybe even to create something the world has never seen before. Sort of like putting a pretzel with a doughnut in the airport. It’s magic. I hope you are open to finding the pretzel to your doughnut, or the doughnut to your pretzel. When you do, watch out world!