This is what shopping hostages do when visiting Scotsdale Nursery in Alpharetta, GA. They take the kids to interact with the goats and pigs. I do not know which was more fun, shopping the amazing nursery or watching the shopping hostages play with the livestock. Either way, it was a wonderful way to enjoy the morning. 

So why are there so many shopping hostages in the world? Are they forced to go shopping when they would rather be doing something  else? Are they packing everything the family wants to do into one trip? Are they just trying to get out of the house? Is it their attempt at exercise? Or are they working to be cooperative? With the busy lives we lead, if we don’t bundle activities, combine trips, or seek cooperation we would end up never seeing our families. We would do everything alone, isolated and separately. So is the problem shopping or busy lives? I always feel sorry for the Dads and kids who obviously don’t want to be where they are. This picture shows a clever retailer who solved that problem. They made the process of avoiding the mall or waiting on a bench a wonderful family time. They took the bad and turned it on it’s head. Instead of getting rid of shopping hostages, they made it a thing to leverage and welcome. 

This made me think of the things I try to resist or avoid. How can I embrace and turn them on their heads? How can I turn a negative into a positive? If I think hard enough it can be done, it simply takes effort and out of the negative thinking. It also means letting go of the ordinary and embracing the inventive. It took a lot for this nursery to dedicate the land, the animals, the care and feeding, cleaning and landscaping to create this experience. It also means their shoppers stay long, probably spend more, and have an experience other than shopping. These shoppers are going to tell people about their fun…which means more shoppers. 

Next time you have that negative reaction or experience, think how you can turn it into a sunny day feeding the goats and pigs. Being able to imagine that may change everything else about your day.