When your travel it is the little things that can make a difference. Here you see the toiletries my niece left in the guest bathroom for my visit. I may not use them, but it is the thought that counts.  She thought ahead and cared enough about me to make sure my needs were met. It may sound silly or simple, but these toiletries made me know I was welcome and not inconveniencing them by staying overnight. 

I think somewhere we have lost the art of hospitality. Yes we travel now more than ever, but we forget that when people come to visit our home it is the little things that help them relax. When we pay attention to their needs we let them know how important their visit is to our world.  I have both guest bathrooms stocked with feminine hygiene products, just in case. I stock shampoo, razors, band aids and all sorts of other items. No one wants to wake up their host to ask there the nearest drug store is located. In terms of toiletries, the Boy Scouts have it right…be prepared. 

When I travel abroad, I enjoy the hotels that have the bathroom stocked with things I forgot I might need. In a strange way I feel pamapered and cared for…even if in reality I am paying for it all. Knowing someone cared enough to plan ahead makes allthe  difference. I’m in a hotel room in a small village near Munich, suffering from jet lag and wifi wrestling…so I am heading tothe  bathroom to brush my teeeth. There is already toothpaste and such in the room ready for me to groom. I feel better already!