I spent the night with my niece and nephew in their home. This sign greeted me when I used the guest bathroom. It made me smile, chuckle, and when I rejoined the group I brought up the sign. They said everyone comments on it, talks about it, and it has prompted some fun conversations. I’m sure some people are offended, as this is not a topic they want to talk about. Others probably get a kick out of it and enjoy the humor. And still another group smile and keep the humor to themselves. In reality, everyone goes poop…

Never underestimate the power of a clean, functioning bathroom and the ability to use it. Many of us have experienced different travel stories about ‘interesting’ bathroom facilities, or maybe no facilities at all. Everything from gold plated bidets to a simple hole in the ground, and everything you can imagine in between. We travel the world to experience life, culture, and people. Sometimes the bathroom IS the cultural experience.  And when you find one you can understand and use safely, all seems right with the world. 

They were given the sign to help decorate their new place. They could have hung it up in the master bathroom where no one but them would see it, but they didn’t. They could have left it in a box for some future space, but they didn’t. They could have just forgotten eh sign and pretended they never saw it, but they didn’t. I enjoyed this sign as it highlights the personality of this couple. They are never afraid to talk about topics, even uncomfortable ones. They welcome color, humor, and laughter. They are cheerful, welcoming, and bring everything they love to all that they do. They have fun and are comfortable being themselves. All that from a bathroom sign. 

Let’s face it, everyone goes poop. And it is nice to acknowledge when it happens, where it happens, and that it can happen. So today I wish you the same sentiment as this sign, have a nice poop.