It was nap time at our house, and Persimmon was no stranger to the concept. He made himself comfortable on our coffee table in the family room. What you cannot see is that my husband is sleeping in the chair behind the cats. So Kevin, Artie and Persimmon slept the afternoon away together, in their own way. I enjoyed hearing the sound of their steady breathing and the  occasional snore…it meant peace and quiet ruled the land. 

Its amazing to hear how silence invades a space and brings peace and calm. It’s also amazing to see how painful quiet can be for so many of us. We leave the television on, or the radio, listen to music or watch videos online instead of basking in quiet. For some people quiet is actually hard to endure. They can’t sit still or survive without some type of noise. They find it hard to think or navigate silence. It seems we have become so used to external sound that we have lost the ability to listen to our inner voice. 

Not so for these napping felines. I think Persimmon enjoys our house because he can find quiet, peace, and a place to rest without weather or predators. He has become comfortable with us and the silence our space offers. He has also claimed the top of the coffe table as his resting place. When he is not visiting our other cats jump up there and look as if they are ‘king of the mountain’. When Persimmon shows up, they always get down. 

As I watched these three sleeping, I savored the fact that none of them would have known or cared for each other if it had not been for our space. Artie was a ‘free cat’ I met at Walmart. Persimmon is a stray that has adopted us. And Kevin my hubby has worked with me to create a home where anyone is welcome…even the occasional napping cat. This shot means happiness and comfort. It is a tangible evidence that all our efforts in creating a home have paid off. People find peace and rest, so do the felines. 

Where is your peaceful place? Do you have one? I hope your place is not the top of a coffee table, but a comfortable somewhere that encourages your soul to rest.  I hope for your sake that you not only have one, but that you enjoy it on a regular basis. Quiet allows us to release the day, rejuvenate our bodies, refresh our minds. Take time today to rest and leave the world behind. Let the sounds of deep slumber invade your world.